In 2009 Spinmaster released a line of dolls with 14 joints, real glass eyes and removeable wigs named Sophie, Katie, Alexis, Daniela, Hayden and Jake. The dolls were retired in late 2012-early 2013.  Let’s take a look back at Liv and her friends.

These are Natalie’s two Liv dolls from the Liv Wonderland set. Hayden as the White Rabbit and Sophie as Alice.

From Melangell – These are my daughters two Liv dolls. The boy is Jake and the girl is Hayden (blond hair, green eyes) without her wig which I couldn’t find. They are both from the Making Waves Set. We got them at Walmart on clearance as they were leaving for good.


The additional dolls added are mine that I’ve found at thrift stores. According to, they are; Original Liv Doll Sophie (blond hair, blue eyes. Can you believe she came complete!), Daniela (brown hair, brown eyes) wearing what I believe is a Liv wig, another Sophie (sitting down in a purple Barbie dress), Katie (brown hair, green eyes) standing in a yellow Barbie dress), and finally my Hayden in a pink Barbie

I seem to only be missing Alexis (black hair with green eyes) of the 5 girl dolls.

These dolls have 14 points of articulation, head, body joint, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. They are very flexible, but do hold poses well. There is an excellent review on the Toybox Philosopher’s blog,

This is my Liv doll, Katie! She has stunning green eyes and brown wavy hair, and she is super pretty. When I was smaller, she was definitely one of my most played with dolls before I got into American Girl. Katie is really important to me because I was never super interested in dolls and she got me into them. I’m pretty sad that they retired, so that I can’t buy more of these beautiful dolls! From Cassie

These next few are from MegDollFaninAfrica – Sophie is relaxing at the cafe and eating fruit. She is looking at the dress in the window and wishes to buy it.

This is Katie showing the Schools Out Display set. This set has a model, paper doll, three simple dresses, 2 dress belts and stickers for the window- the stickers will be added on a rainy day.

Captain Sophie and First Officer Avery are sitting in the travel capsule of the space craft. The other Liv dolls & the boy doll Jake are awaiting release from their time capsules. Sophie wears the It’s my Nature outfit without the leggings but she has lost her glasses. Sophie’s kneecaps are so cute! Avery wears the Liv’ n Hip turquoise coat with the pink n white fingerless gloves. Avery is a Moxie doll. Sophie is the blue eyed Liv doll.

From Springfield Doll Lover – This is my liv doll Hayden, some of the things she came with, and an extra outfit and wig.

From Marissa – My Liv doll Sophie with a brunette wig. The look really changes her!!!

Sophie playing with her handmade Frozen doll, Anna.

Sophie’s first snow day

Sophie in her original wig ( big difference, huh?)

Sophie having a picnic

And Sophie having her morning coffee

The remainder of the photos are from Madelon.

In the Liv Doll Bedroom Carry Case


Change of wigs. The bed pulls out of the closet.

Telling secrets

Liv Possibilities Boutique

Inside the box

Thanks to all who sent photos in! If you visit The Toy Box Philosopher website, do a search for Liv and she has so many wonderful photos and reviews of the various Liv dolls. 

For next week’s Throwback Thursday let’s take a look back at retired American Girl of the Year Nicki. Send in photos of your Nicki and her collection. Please save me time by resizing your photos to 540 pixels wide first and if you want a watermark credit, you need to put it on the photo before you send it in. Email photos to and put THROWBACK NICKI in the subject line.