American Girl Lindsey came out in 2001 and was originally promoted as a limited edition doll – not a Girl of the Year. She wasn’t a big hit at the time and many Lindsey dolls ended up being given away. It wasn’t until a few years later that the secondary market for Lindsey took off and she is now one of the hardest American Girl dolls to find and if you do find her, she usually goes for quite a pretty price.

American Girl Lindsey  

From Heather H – I received Lindsey used from a neighbor and her hair has been cut really short, but I kind of like it that way.  Here she is in her meet outfit.

American Girl Lindsey

American Girl Lindsey

And here she is riding her scooter with her backpack and laptop.

From Carol – Here is Lindsey as  “Jill,” Molly’s older sister, listening to some swing music on the radio!  She matches the description of Jill pretty well, and looks so cute in the 1940’s clothes, don’t you think?

From Mel – Lindsey wearing a retired scarlet and snow outfit.

While Lindsey is retired, you can still read her story by checking out Lindsey (An American Girl) by Chryssa Atkinson at your local library or you can purchase the book on Amazon. 

Have you read Lindsey’s book? What do you like best about her and her collection?

Thanks to those who sent in photos!


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