While historical characters Julie and Ivy are not yet retired,  quite a bit of their collection is. Let’s take a look.

From Sharry – Being the 70s diva I am, AG Julie’s collection is my favorite from American Girl! Since Sunny (AG Julie) is away getting repaired, Stephanie (AGOT #19) graciously agreed to step in and model Julie’s skating outfit, and show off Julie’s Bedroom accessories. I have the second version (w/o the metal tray).

And here’s a closer look at the skating outfit. The skates are still available from AG, but the outfit is not. The Peace poster is from the AG Poster Book.

From Madelon – Does anyone remember Julie’s game? It was available for PCs and later they came out with Julie Finds a Way for DS.

From Chrissafan3 – JLY 32 Maddie holding up her favorite thing in her room: Julie’s Foot Rug 

From Maria S – Here is my Julie doll in the jacket and short set that was retired from her 2- in 1 summer outfit.  I’m not sure when it retired. The sunglasses are still available with her swimsuit, which didn’t retire. Unfortunately the quality of the sunglasses was not great, because the screw on the left side popped out within weeks of purchase… Other than that, its a lovely outfit. 

Our Julie lounging in her bed (which is not retired) but the gym bag is from her retired Hoops outfit. You can also see her retired Room Accessories complete with a terrarium and a canister of Tang. 

Our Julie wearing her Hoops outfit the Christmas Megan got her – 2007.

A store photo of Julie’s bleachers and Hoops outfit.

NOTE – There will be NO Throwback Thursday next week. I will just be getting back from Toy Fair and something tells me you will all want to read Toy Fair reports instead.