Today’s Throwback Thursday is not a traditional, everything must be retired one, because yesterday was Josefina’s birthday AND her collection is not that big to start with. Let’s get started!


Sarah’s Josefina enjoying the sunshine.


Josefina and her goat Sombrita.

Josefina's Pasttimes

From Madelon – Josefina’s retired pasttimes sets.


From Madelon –  Josefina wears a baby dress adjusted for her size. The belt is made from the hair ribbons that the American Girl hair dresser put in her hair last year. The moccasins are by American Girl.

Jane Josefina

From Tony – Jane wanted to wish Josefina a very Happy Birthday! She is wearing the camisa, sash, and rebozo from Josefina’s Weaving Outfit, which retired in 2006. The skirt is from Josefina’s meet outfit and the shoes are from Josefina’s Christmas dress.


From Christian Homeschooler – Here is Josefina with her books. And if you look closely, you’ll see that her outfit looks like Josefina’s Meet Outfit, but is not the same! However, the tag on both pieces say “made in China for Pleasant company”. I have looked at older Josefina meet outfits, but they look like the one being sold now. I got this doll of eBay, so there isn’t anyway for me to figure this out. Can anyone explain this?


Also from Christian Homeschooler – Here is Josefina in her holiday outfit. I only have the dress, and not the veil and shoes.

The remainder of the photos are from April – and what a treat they are!!!


Josefina’s Feast Outfit, Josefina’s Dress and Vest, Josefina’s School Outfit and Rebozo, Josefina’s Summer Outfit


Josefina’s Harvest Outfit, Josefina’s Party Dress (minus the jacket), Josefina’s Meet Outfit, Josefina’s Fiesta Dress.


Sombrita her pet goat


Josefina’s Weaving Loom


Josefina’s Doll, Nina

Josefina's Bedside Table  

Josefina’s Bedside Table and Nighttime Necessities (minus the box-sorry I forgot to put it in the photo).

Josefina oven

Adobe Oven and Food


Josefina’s Chest

Josefina accessories  

Josefina’s Heirloom Accessories

Josefina's books  

Josefina’s Short Stories


Welcome to Josefina’s World (My favorite American Girl Book Series).

Josefina's Paper Dolls

Josefina’s Play Scenes and Paper Dolls (Both wonderful and disappointing).

Josefina’s Christmas Dress for Girls


Josefina’s Summer Dress for Girls.

What a wonderful variety of photos! Thank you everyone!

Next week’s Throwback Thursday spotlight is going to be on retired American Girl of TODAY bedroom furniture and room accessories. If you have photos of retired American Girl doll beds, bedding, side tables, other bedroom furniture and accessories, send them in. We are not looking for retired Historical or Girl of the Year collections. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK ROOM in the subject line of your email to me at