Throwback Thursday – Inbox Goodness

Last week Throwback Thursday did not happen because we were busy celebrating Thanksgiving. Before I feature anymore of our retired collections, I want to share some of the throwback photos I have received for readers in past few weeks.

From Marjorie: Sonali (2009) in Molly’s aviator outfit.

Also from Marjorie –  Lindsey (Girl of the Year 2001) in the cargo outfit from 2000 and Lanie (GOTY 2010) in the Ready for Fun outfit from 2004.

Madelon’s Kanani is modeling the 1996 Pleasant Company ice skating outfit.

This one is from my archive. It is a display that was in the Doubletree Hotel in Times Square when we visited in 2006. The black and red jacket and hat as well as Coconut’s Statue of Liberty headband were AGPNY store exclusives at the time. We have that headband for Coconut.

If you have photos of retired American Girl (or other brands) dolls, clothing or furniture and want to help us take a look into the past, email your photos and descriptions to us at



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  1. Firstie

  2. I won the November reader photo contest and I forgot to put that I would like a 18 inch doll shirt! I am sorry it was that I was so happy! PS mine was Fun with leaves by Sabrina!

  3. Same as Sabrina I forgot to say I would like an 18 inch doll shirt I was Vibrant Colours

  4. Cute pictures! By the way, does anyone know which of the Doll Diaries posts has a picture of Mia and McKenna together with some stuff that their owner got in a giveaway? One of them (Mia?) is wearing a white sweater with a cat face. I know this sounds weird but I have looked all over the site and cannot find it! I need it for a doll project I am doing.

  5. Secondie!

  6. Secondie blondie… I hope. 😀
    Anyway, I have a friend who owns four AG dolls (doesn’t play with them anymore though), and one of them is wearing that Ready For Fun outfit. :O

  7. Thirdie!!!!

  8. So cute! I WANT Kanani’s sweater- it would look adorable on me!

    -Sammy <3

  9. i own a few retried outfits so i will try to send you pics when i can

  10. Hi Rochelle – I am the person who posted the pic of my McKenna & Mia wearing the white sweater with the face of a kitty embroidered on the front. I still have that photograph in my computer file & can send it again to Doll Diaries if Char would be willing to forward it to you? Let me know if this will work for you & I will send that. :)

  11. I love the last picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :0

  12. Char,
    did you get my Thanksgiving photos?

  13. Thank you so much Katie, that would be perfect!

  14. I only have a bitty baby outfit a kanai outfit and a lanie outfit does that count?

  15. Thanks for sharing my pictures! I really like that ice skating picture. I think the dress is a Chanukah dress, and one of the first outfits from the Girl of Today line. Very pretty. On a side note, I was at Target today and saw two gorgeous Hearts for Hearts Girls: Nahji from India and Lillian from Belarus. I had to take them home–I was immediately in love.

  16. Molly’s Aviator outfit and recital dress are the 2 I am missing! Sonali looks great! She pulls it off with style = I had the khaki outfit with the flannel shirt – it was called A+B+C+1,2,3, in the 2001 Speing catalog = My jLY wore Ready For Fun – wise advice: Don’t EVER sell part of your doll collections. These were real P.C clothes, way better than a lot of the Mattel ones and are rare and hard to find. The figure skating ouutfit was 1st releasedin (1998)?? as a Hanukkah dress , but came with a silver headband and small star of David in sterling silver. I have the necklace and sold the outfit to a collector. (quietly banging my head against the wall) AG recently had a very simlar re-do of the outfit with a silver tafetta skirt and the sweater was thin blue with sequins. Cyber Monday. It’s home and on Rebecca because I was stupid enough to sell my Lindsey too. My Kit and Molly collections are really extensive. I need to send in Molly wearing her Dude Ranch outfit and Kit playing baseball. OOOOOOOOOH – I just got the Cecile and MG book series and blated through them yesterday. The illustrations ARE awful, but here’s what AG needs to make: Cecile’s beautilful rosary beads, she uses them in “Troubles For Cecile” and there’s a small picture, Cecile’s picnic lunch of baguette and figs, brown and white checked dress, plus cover outfits for Cecile and the white lace delicate dress for MG, her quill pen and inkpot, French book, and slate – AG are you listening??????

  17. iluvdolls – please, please send in some of your photos for Throwback Thursday. I would love to see Molly in her Dude Ranch outfit and Kit’s baseball outfit is one that I would like to add to our Kit collection.

  18. I just sent you an email.

  19. Char,I have a quick question I won the November reader photo contest and I emailed you my address address and I was so happy! I forgot to say that I would like a shirt for a 18 inch doll.Can you send me a shirt for a 18 inch doll? Mine was fun with leaves by Sabrina!

  20. we have Lindsey… She need a trip to the doll hospital though

  21. Of course!

  22. Thank you so much Char! I was getting worried! I just play with American girl dolls more than Barbies!

  23. I really like the ready for fun outfit!

  24. Some one else has a Lindsey!! I bet a lot of peoples Lindsey doll is in storage or their attics because they “grew out of it”! And must not know how much she is worth!!!

  25. Our Lindsey has held up pretty well, but before I knew much about Ag hair we used wig spray. BAD idea. She’s in pretty good condition other than hair which just has a textured look to it be case of the wig spray

  26. I have a Lindsey too, I bought her off eBay during the summer. She had really loose legs that were sent to get fixed in the Dublin doll hospital, some marks on the vinyl and bad hair I manages to fix the marks and her legs are fine but her hair is still bad.

  27. Char- Do you mist your doll’s hair? I was wondering if you should mist it or not. I really want my dolls to be in great condition, so I just wanted to know what you reccomend.

  28. Vivienne – only when they need it. The ladies in the AG salon mist the dolls’ hair – but they are usually dealing with hair that needs it.

  29. Think you so much! I sent an email to you. But it might be a few minutes before you get it.

  30. Oops. I meant *thank instead of think.

  31. Vivienne- my Kailey desperately needed misting (I was going to Downy Spray it but I heard from a hairstylist that it deteriorates the doll’s hair) so I misted it and now her hair is in the best condition it’s ever been.

  32. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop making me want Kanani!!!!!!!! ;D

  33. I won the November fun photo contest I sent you my address just not my dolls shirt size I would like an 18inch

  34. Rochelle –

    We just sent the pic of my McKenna & Mia wearing the sweater with the face of the cat on the front to doll diaries so that that can be forwarded on to you, & just wanted to let you know since we were not able to get that sent until now with almost a whole day having gone by…

  35. Thanks Katie – you are awesome!

  36. Char I forgot to say in my email I would like a 18 inch shirt is that ok

  37. Yes, I have that noted.

  38. Ok I am so so sorry about me bothering you about that I just wanted to make sure:)

  39. How do you make the icon by your name char??

  40. Go to and sign up there – you can pick our picture.

  41. Thank you Katie! I adore McKenna and Mia, and their juxtaposition was so cute!

  42. Thanks Char I think I got it!

  43. Wait it didn’t work:(

  44. Wait let me try one more time……….

  45. Yeah it worked

  46. Where did you get the mini shopping bags from?

  47. Erica – you can get them at the American Girl stores – the Creativi-tees area has them and I know they have them at the Bistro or Sweet Treats bar, too.

  48. Char– Do you have any AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS?

  49. Sarah – I have Ivy, Felicity and will be getting Molly, too. My daughters have quite a few of the others.