When I asked our readers to send in photos of their dolls wearing retired American Girl holiday outfits I was so pleasantly surprised at the amount of photos I received. There were so many that I needed to split them up into more than one post. This is the holiday version of Throwback Thursday part 2.

retired American Girl holiday outfits

The first set of photos are from Marjorie. Chrissa (girl of the year 2009) in the recital outfit in 2010’s recital outfit and Kailey (girl of the year 2003) in the Fancy Flower dress from 2009.

Felicity, Lanie, and Elizabeth in Felicity’s Holiday gown, Felicity’s Gala Gown, and Elizabeth’s Holiday gown. 

American Girl Kirsten

Kirsten in her Santa Lucia dress, a classic!

In the next picture Marisol, girl of the year 2005, is wearing the Chocolate Cherry dress and the headband from the Chocolate Cherry accessories from 2005; Mia, girl of the year 2008, is wearing a holiday dress from 2010 called the Snowflake Ball Gown (I really like the tiara!); and Sonali (2009) is wearing another holiday dress from 2010 called the Ruby and Ribbon dress.

Lindsey (girl of the year 2001) in Emily’s recital outfit and Jess (girl of the year 2006) in Molly’s recital outfit.  They are holding the tambourine and cymbals from Molly’s percussion set.


Bitty Twins in Christmas outfits from ebay.

The next three photos are from Maddie. Kay is wearing the 2006 Wintry Weekend Outfit

Bitty Baby modeling the 2007 Snowflake Snowsuit Set

 Kit wearing the 2010 Snow Flurry Outfit

Madelon’s McKenna in the Ruby and Red Christmas outfit.

Madelon’s dolls are having a Frosty Party.

Thanks to all who sent in holiday Throwback Thursday photos!!