Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! For today’s Throwback Thursday post I thought it would be fun to look back at some retired American Girl Valentine outfits.

From Madelon – Kit wearing the retired Valentine pajamas with fuzzy slippers and angel wings.

From Alyssa – Lanie is modeling one of the retired valentines day outfits from American girl. Looking good Lanie!

From AGinParadise – Kylie modeling the Valentine dress sold in 2009.

From Rachael – Felicity is modeling the retired Valentine’s Party Outfit that was discontinued in 2003. She loves getting the chance to wear it this time every year!

The remainder of the photos are from Marjorie:

First is a group photo of my girls in retired pink outfits: Elizabeth in her meet outfit, Molly in the Sweetheart Skirt Set–2007, Addy in Elizabeth’s Riding Outfit, Ivy in Molly’s Recital Outfit, Cecile in the Heart Dress–2009, Nicki in her Gala Outfit–2007, Chrissa in her meet outfit–2009, Mia in the Flower Garden Dress–2011, Sonali in the Petal Pink Outfit–2010, McKenna in the Cozy Plaid Outfit–2010, Kailey in the apron and scarf from 2007’s Sweet Treats Accessories and the Star Hoodie Outfit, Kanani in the first ballet outfit from 1995

Cecile is wearing the Heart Dress from 2009.  I think the color suits her very well.

Kanani is wearing the very first ballet outfit from 1995.  It was actually one of the very first outfits in the American Girl of Today line.  It has beautiful details, including gorgeous beading on the bodice.  I LOOOOVE this outfit!

Emily and Kailey are standing with the Sweet Treats table from 2007.  Kailey is wearing the Star Hoodie outfit, with the apron and scarf from the Sweet Treats Accessories.  Also included with the Sweet Treats Accessories are a pot holder and oven mit, cookie cutter, wooden spoon, mixing bowl, flour sifter, and rolling pin.  Also in that set but not pictured are a pretend bag of flour, sprinkles, and vanilla extract.  Emily is wearing the sweetheart skirt set, another one of my all-time favorites.  It’s also from 2007, and the outfit came with the top, skirt, neck scarf, adorable crocheted espadrilles, 2 hair barrettes, and a hot pink purse.

Thanks to all who sent in photos this week!

Next week let’s take a look at ADDY and her retired items. I do not have Addy, so of course, I would love for you to send in your photos, too. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK VALENTINE in the subject line of your email to me at share@dolldiaries.com.