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Karen here and today we are celebrating Samantha and Cecile’s birthday.


Maelon sent in this photo of her dolls celebrating Cecile’s birthday. I love her dress don’t you?


Madelon also sent in this photo of her original Samantha with her chair. I love that cushion! I have the chairs but I would love that cushion!


Linda sent in this photo of Samantha picking flowers for her birthday table!


We love Samantha and this is one of our favorite looks! Thank you Madelon!


Mini Samantha says Hello from the Miami store.

PicMonkey Collage

I have attached a few photos featuring Samantha. I have many, but chose a selection from those that I’ve sent to Sunday Showcase over the years. The photos illustrate some of her clothes and accessories from her school, birdwatching, summer, winter and bed time collections. My doll, Katherine, is a tan bodied Pleasant Company “Samantha”

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Samantha is wearing her
flower-picking set(2015). They are sitting on Cecile’s Parlor
Desk(2011-2014) and dining with the Glassware and Treats(2012-2013)

From Eva

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Happy birthday Samantha! I’ve had Samantha since 2006 I believe, and she
is one of my favorite dolls. She was my first American Girl Doll. This
picture is one of my favorites that I’ve taken of her. I got her Victorian
Dress from Hobby Lobby. If you’d like to see more pictures of Samantha in
her dress, go to
Happy birthday Samantha!

dn (8)

From Madeline:
Here are the girls celebrating Samantha’s birthday at Tyson’s ice cream
parlor. Samantha is wearing her frilly frock, Ivy is wearing Julie’s
skateboard outfit, and Lea is wearing her Bahia outfit. They are eating at
the treats table (retired). Happy Birthday Samantha!

Thank you all for the wonderful photos you have all sent in.

  • June 2- Happy Birthday Kirsten (June 8th is Kirsten’s birthday) –Photos Due 5/31
  • June 9- Swim Wear (Any doll in swim wear you choose!)-Photos Due 6/1
  • June 16- Horses (Any doll horse you wish to show us, real one okay too!) –Photos Due 6/8
  • June 23 – Happy Birthday Kaya (Her birthday is Summer)- Photos Due 6-15 
  • June 30- National Pride! Canada Day is July 1, Indepenance Day is July 4th)- Photos Due 6/22


  • Email your photo(s) to photos@dolldiaries.com (it must be your own photo – do not take photos from someone else’s site and submit them as your own)
  • Be sure to  put THROWBACK THURSDAY and the theme in your subject line (for example THROWBACK THURSDAY ADDY)
  • Please RE-SIZE your photos to no more than 600 pixels wide. Feel free to watermark yourimageswhile you are in Picmonkey (example: Photo by SusieQ for DollDiaries.com)
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