This week we celebrate Marie-Grace for her birthday! Starting with one of Madelon’s photos of Marie-Grace! We are celebrating her birthday can you believe she is 173 years old? Thank you to all who sent in photos for us!


This is my doll Marie Grace!! She is wearing a retired outfit from American
Girl, she loves it because it matches her eye color!! If you want to see
more pictures of her check out my doll instgagram @purrfectdolls


This is a photo of Marie Grace on the left wearing her meet outfit. Next to
her Ceclie is wearing Marie Grace’s Party Outfit(2011-13). Finally
Noel(#32) is wearing Marie Grace’s Nightgown(2011-14). Happy Birthday Marie
Eva K


This is a retired Marie-Grace mini doll wearing her meet outfit. She loves
coming on walks with me outside and especially loves the sweet fragrance of
Lillies-of-the-Valley. 🙂 We are dreaming of Spring!
Farrah Lily at


My own entry, my niece Hannah and her favorite doll Marie Grace on the day she got her and a year later when I had to help remove the pen heart from her face. (FYI I left that oxy cream on for 7 days and it took the old pen mark off, before mailing her back to my niece in Montreal)


Madelon shared some truly beautiful photos of Marie-Grace


Thank you Madelon!



A very cute Mini Party from Linda! I love this shot looks so regal!


  • March 10– Doll Eyes Up Close and Personal (Any doll and just her eyes! )-photos due 3/2
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  • April 14- Spring Wear (Any doll dressed for spring, retired AG, Maplelea, Springfield, Barbie, H4H….)- Photos due 4/6


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