Chrissa – American Girl’s GOTY 2009 – is one of my personal favorites. I love the doll, her story and her movie. Chrissa is the only GOTY that had also had two friends as part of her collection. Gwen and Sonali are also very beautiful and versatile dolls. 

From Eva K – This is a photo of MAG#50 wearing Chrissa’s snow outfit and gear(2009). Next to her MAG#37 is wearing Chrissa’s swim team gear(2009). MAG#17 is wearing Chrissa’s sundress. Gwen, Chrissa, and Sonali are wearing there meet outfits. Finally MAG#58 is wearing my Chrissa’s pajamas and holding her Chrissa’s Llama.

From AGWorldSisters – This is a picture of Chrissa (left, GOTY 2009) wearing a dress that did NOT come with her collection, but was part of the bitty baby starter kit. Emma (TM #57 on the right) is wearing Chrissa’s meet outfit. My Chrissa doll is in poor condition: She’s got dents (I ran over her with a little toy jeep) and loose limbs.

Chrissa, GOTY 2009 in her swimsuit. She is one of the most stunning dolls ever and this suit is, in my opinion, one of the best made by American Girl. From Vivienne Rose

From KrazyKittenz – Sam and my little dolls Caroline,Ginger,and Marie Grace are having fun riding Starburst the llama who was retired Christmas 2009! If anyone wants to see more of my pics and crafts visit Thats is all I have for Chrissa’s collection I wish I would have gotten more. Happy blogging 😀

From Chrissa Marie – Here’s a picture of my dolls Chrissa and Gwen both wearing their meet dresses!

Also from Chrissa Marie – Gwen looking darling in “her” Licorice Play Outfit while Chrissa happily models her polka-dot sundress with her llama, Daisy, by her side.

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