Good morning! I only got one or two music related photos for Throwback Thursday today, so we’ll skip that and do something different. In case you didn’t know, I started Doll Diaries in the fall of 2006 and have been posting regularly ever since. So, for today’s Throwback Thursday, I am going to share some of my favorite photos from the early days of Doll Diaries.

Natalie's dolls

Before I started Doll Diaries, I had created a site called, but once I decided that I wanted to feature more than just AG dolls, I knew that site would not work. This is one of the first photos I posted – they are Natalie’s dolls as of August 2006. From left to right – Bitty Twin Rose, Bitty Baby Penelope, Bitty Twin Daisy, and My AG doll Alex (#21) with honey blonde curls. We had just come back to our hotel after visiting American Girl Place NYC for the first time. Natalie almost picked out Samantha on this trip but was captivated by the twins so they came home with us instead. Considering she was not quite 5 at that point, I think this was a good choice.

Vintage American Girl Dolls

My friend Melissa and her daughter are actually the ones responsible for making our house into a doll crazy place! This photo is their dolls getting ready for a slumber party in 2006. The bed is from 1995. Kaya is wearing AGP exclusive pajamas, Samantha has the Bell Sleeve Flower PJs on (2004), Molly is wearing her striped PJs, Kit has her sailor PJs on, Emily is wearing her flannel PJs, I can’t tell who is sitting next to Emily but she is wearing the 2006 Let it Snow PJs, and Kailey has on PJs from the 2007 Sleepover Set. Those were some fun dolly days!! 

Felicity wearing Carpatina Celtic Gown

In January 2007 I bought the Carpatina Celtic Princess Gown for Felicity – who was my first American Girl Doll. This gown looks stunning on Felicity!!

Sometime in 2008/2009 American Girl put the 2001 Gymnastics Leotard and Warmup on sale for something ridiculous like $4 a set. Needless to say, I bought enough of them to outfit an entire gymnastics team. I gave some of them away as prizes for the gymnasts I was coaching at the time and we kept a few, too.

doll storage

Ahhhh, the good old days when all of our doll accessories fit neatly in boxes in the cubbies built into Megan’s room (which is now Natalie’s room and those cubbies are packed!)

Doll storage

And this was the storage area for Natalie’s Bitty Baby & Twins which was in the closet.

Felicity and Elizabeth with Baby Polly on the cabinet I got from Ebay years ago. This cabinet is now in my office but is still dedicated to the historical dolls and keeping their accessories organized.

On display – Marisol and her cat Rascal hanging out with Coconut.


Kit and Emily enjoying breakfast on New Year’s Eve 2006.

I hope you enjoyed a peek at some of the Doll Diaries archives! 

I am open for suggestions for next week’s Throwback Thursday post – leave your requests in the comments.