So I had planned for us to do a Throwback Thursday with the picnic theme this week, but I only got two submissions, so I decided we could have fun and take a look back at some photos from way back in the early days of Doll Diaries. I started this site in the fall of 2006 – which makes Doll Diaries 7 1/2 right now. That’s pretty old in doll years! Let’s have some fun!

Natalie got her Bitty Baby for Christmas in 2004 – she was just about 3.

That same year Megan got Nicole – retired AG #3 who looks almost identical to Kirsten.

Typical tea party with good friend – 2005. Β From left to right – Bitty Baby, Hopscotch Hill doll Logan, a friend’s Kaya and Megan’s Elizabeth.

Shhh… don’t tell Megan I posted this one – she is being such a goof with a serious face and her gymnastics pose. She and Nicole are wearing matching Tropical Breeze outfits from 2004.

And of course we haven Natalie and Bitty in their matching Country Day outfits from 2004.

Nicole in the Paisley Dress and Talent Show accessories from 2003.

That’s me in 2009 visiting the AG Chicago store when Chrissa was the GOTY.

Natalie and me at the grand opening of the American Girl store in Tyson’s Corner (DC) and the Kanani photo op.

For next week’s Throwback Thursday post let’s take a look at American Girl Rebecca – her collection is still sort of new, and definitely under represented on our site, so feel free to send in your photos of Rebecca, her outfits and her furniture/accessories. Please save me time and resize your photos to 540 pixels wide. Email them to me at and put THROWBACK REBECCA in the subject line.