Throwback Thursday Focus on Lindsey

American Girl Lindsey was the first Limited Edition doll (now known as the Girl of the Year) and while she was available from 2001-2002, she was not very popular at first. Now she actually hard to find in the secondary market – especially for a fair price. For today’s Throwback Thursday post I asked readers to send in their Lindsey photos – since we do not have Lindsey in our collection.

One of our Facebook friends, Chris,  posted this picture of the Lindsey she recently got for a bargain. She even got Lindsey’s scooter, helmet, laptop and bag to go with it. Lucky girl!!

Ava’s Lindsey is good friends with Kit and have fun going for picnics and having tea parties under the trees.

The following set of photos are from Cristin:

Here is Lindsey enjoying her scooter and being safe with her helmet. The gloves she is wearing have Velcro on them to allow her to hold on.

Here’s Lindsey showing off her book and awesome accessories. Her accessories include her scooter, gloves, and helmet and her backpack, notebook with pencil, laptop (which works as an address book and calculator), and two disks which can be put into the laptop.

Here’s Lindsey sitting on the couch ready to read her book.

Lindsey modeling her meet outfit.

Maddie got Lindsey on Ebay for $70.00 – she did need some hair help but that’s all. 

The next set of photos are from Diana:

Lindsey close up! Oh, I love her eyes!

Diana has rescued two Lindsey’s – they are twins.

Lindsey’s computer set has to be one of my all time favorites!

Here Diana decided to show Lindsey in 2002 and what she would be in 2013 based on her love of riding a scooter.

Tess (from Little Sisters) as she meets Lindsey riding her scooter.

Marjorie’s Lindsey is enjoying a ride on her scooter outside.

From Rachael – Here is Molly modeling Lindsey’s adorable blue laptop. It came with two CDs, a carrying case, and a sparkly blue journal… but Molly mostly just likes to use it to do some online shopping! 

Thanks to all who sent in Lindsey photos this week! She is so cute and one of these days, I would like to add her to my collection, too.

Next week’s Throwback Thursday spotlight is going to be on retired outfits and items from KIT and RUTHIE’s collection. If you have photos of Kit and/or Ruthie in retired outfits, accessories or furniture from their collection I’d love to share them. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK KIT in the subject line of your email to me at



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  1. I DO and i’m still in school XD

  2. GREAT post I love throwback thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I just took a picture of Kit on her scooter…I thought it was retired…But it isn’t :(. Can I still send in the picture?

  4. Go ahead 😉

  5. ummm, Venus, yeah, I am 40 something. It’s not so bad 😉

  6. Maria – a question like that is best asked via email. My email address is

  7. I sort of remember when marisol came out but I was only 5

  8. StoryTeller says:

    Venus– Haha, I was babysitting this kid once and mentioned something about a laser disc (remember those things?). He gave me this blank look and asked, “What’s a laser disc?” I had to explain that it was like an oversized DVD (“Back in MY day, we didn’t watch movies on DVDs like you young whippersnappers do now…!” (okay, so I didn’t say it like a grouchy old grandpa, but you get the idea…) : D).
    My dad later said that I should have told him that it was like a record. Somehow, I’m not sure that would have helped….

  9. Awww I would have really liked to have Lindsey. She’s SO cute!

  10. @Char True that. And hey, the older a person gets, the more stories they will be able to share with the whippersnappers of tomorrow (lol StoryTeller)! XD

    When I get older, I will say to my kids, “Dats right, yo. I lived to see DVDs, iPads, and android phones get invented. And back in mah day, we listened to music from Britney Spears, Kesha, and Selena Gomez. Nowadays, all yah hooligans listen to is this!” *puts on monotone beeping sound*.
    “And, yah watch dis as a TV show!” *turns on microwave, broadcasting “The Spinning Food Show Episode 8: The Spinning Mac and Cheese Drama”*

  11. Wow, I assumed the next Throwback Thursday would be for Kailey, but Kit and Ruthie will be cool too. I think I have all of their outfits ever, except for Kit’s Tree House Outfit. Can’t wait ’til next Thursday!

  12. StoryTeller says:

    @Venus– HAHAHAHA! *Falls off of chair laughing* : D

  13. Next Next week could we have Addy starring in the Throwback Thursday please.I have a retired outfit that is really cool.Thank you

  14. I really love Lindsey I wish they where more American girl dolls like her.

  15. cool! now to find a sad mistreated Lindsey and use Dianas tips and fix her to be brand new. btw Diana your Lindseys are both BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  16. hey char I don’t have kit or ruthie but a friend of mine got kit AND ruthie for christmas so could I send in a picture of them???

  17. Ookay um quick suggestion… DO NOT BUY YOUR LINDSEY ON AMAZON!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry the lindsey that I just looked at….800$!!!!!! that is UBER expensive!

  18. You can send in a photo if Kit or Ruthie is wearing a retired outfit.

  19. Amazon is not a good source (99% of the time) for secondary market collectibles. Just saying.

  20. yes. char you are absolutely right

  21. I would have liked to get Lindsey, but I wasn’t even 1 when she came out! Hehe! I missed Lindsey and Kailey because I wasn’t old enough for AGs yet. I got my first AG, Kit, in 2005. xD

  22. Amazon makes me rage at how ridiculous the sellers can get with their prices. And this doesn’t just go for AG dolls… This also goes for other dolls and items that are hard to find but waaaay overpriced. -_-

  23. Megan!!!!!!! says:

    Venus~ i dont think amzon is “waaaay overpriced” because one time my mom got a shcool book for a ( drum roll please… ) a PENNY!!! yes you heard me right a PENNY!! so i think that proves that amazon is NOT “waaaay overpriced.” and if you think that is not enough proof then one time my mom also got a book off of there and she got it for a dollar!!! so there its NOT overpriced. -_ – just saying……. ( and that is just my opinion. )

  24. Megan – it actually comes down to the individual Amazon merchants. In general they are a different type of seller than the eBay seller.

  25. @Megan Within every online commerce retailer website, there are always rip-off artists. Amazon is no exception. When I posted that comment earlier, I was not referring to the website itself, I was referring to the sellers within the website. I would have said the same thing about eBay. I don’t like it when people rip others off, and when people fall for their traps. I know that not all the sellers are like that, though.

  26. I really enjoyed these pictures. Lindsey looks to me like a spirited, active girl although I don’t know her storyline. Diana, you do an amazing job of restoring dolls!

  27. awesome pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. next week can you star Samantha?

  29. Can you please star Addy soon please.

  30. She was girl of the year when I was born