American Girl Felicity and Elizabeth will always hold a special place in my heart. Felicity was the first AG doll I bought for myself and Megan sold lemonade one entire summer to save up money to buy Elizabeth herself. Their story takes place in Colonial Williamsburg, which is one of my favorite places to visit in the spring (its a short drive for us and I always see something new).

Based on the number of photos we have for today’s Throwback Thursday, I would say that Felicity and Elizabeth are pretty special to a lot of our community.

From Eva K – This is a photo of my Felicity (1991-2011)on the right in the rose garden gown which was her first meet outfit. My Felicity is a pre Mattel from around 1994. Next to her on the left is Elizabeth(2005-2010). She is modeling with her meet accessories also available from 2005 to 2011.

From Heather H – My dolls still have Valentine’s on the mind! They decided to dress in Colonial pink.  Mary Grace is wearing Lissie’s school outfit, Felicity is wearing her birthday outfit without the apron, Elizabeth is in her meet dress, and Carlie is wearing Elizabeth’s riding habit.

From ChristianHomeschooler – Here are my sister’s four dolls wearing Felicity’s outfits.  From left to right, Fawn is wearing the Rose Garden Gown, Felicity is wearing the Riding Habit, Amelia is wearing Felicity’s new meet outfit , and Violet is wearing Felicity’s Christmas Gown.

American Girl doll Elizabeth

From Charlie (FOTM2211 on Youtube) – This is My American Girl doll Elizabeth who I renamed Charlotte. Felicity’s Best Friend Elizabeth was retired with Felicity’s collection in 2011. I got Charlotte at a thrift store for $20!

From SarahAndMolly: So I was not fortunate enough to ever get anything from Felicity’s world, which made me very sad.  But I do have catalogs and books!  In the first picture the catalog standing up was from the last holiday when you could buy Felicity.  Beside it is the Felicity crafts book, and in front of that I have all my Felicity books that I could find (I have the first one, but I’ve lost it in my room somewhere…), as well as the movie.  All my Felicity books are pre-Mattel.  I also have a catalog from 1996 which shows the clothes for girls based on Felicity’s outfits.  Under the books you can just barely see the American Girl’s board game.  In the second photo I posed my cat Felicity, whom I named after the character, in with all this para-fur-nalia.  One of her favourite things to is to sit like a lady, like Felicity was supposed to.  Thanks for bringing back the Throwback Thursdays!

The remaining photos are from Madelon.

Felicity’s World book and Felicity wearing a dress Madelon bought online.

Felicity’s Cooking Studio and her movie.

Felicity’s Play Scenes and Paper Dolls

Her paper doll set open.

Felicity and her chair.

We have featured Felicity and Elizabeth before for Throwback Thursday and there are some really beautiful photos in those posts, too. If you need more Felicity and Elizabeth, here are a few posts:

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