I remember the buzz that American Girl created when they debuted the Girl of the Year 2007 Nicki Fleming. I also remember reading the Nicki books with Natalie when she was just starting to read on her own – they are definitely my favorite stories still (well, besides Chrissa).  Today we take another look back at Nicki’s collection.

From Heather – Here are Kit, Kirsten, and Nicki modeling my Nicki collection.

From Eva K. – This is a photo of Saige wearing Nicki’s meet outfit (2007). Next to her Nicki is wearing  her ski outfit (2007). She is modeling with her ski gear (2007). Finally MAG#36 is wearing Nicki’s tie top & shorts from 2007.

From Kathleen – I got Ana (a re-named Nicki doll) a few years ago. She didn’t come with her meet or any of her clothes, and we haven’t accumulated any, so we just have her. She’s a gorgeous doll! I took this picture in Jan/Feb 2014. It’s been edited a bit, but I haven’t done many photoshoots of her. You can hear more about Becca Ana and my other dolls here!

From Madelon – Nicki enjoys a trip to the park.

We have featured Nicki before! Check out these two Throwback Nicki posts for even more Nicki goodness!


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