Little did I know when I said today’s Throwback Thursday theme would be purple, that we would get so many awesome entries – take a look!

From Eva K. – This is a photo of MAG#4 wearing the licorice play outfit (2007-2009). MAG #1 is wearing striped school outfit (2011-2013). MAG#45 is wearing the plaid school outfit (2010-2012).MAG#58 is wearing the recently retired lacrosse outfit. MAG#25 is wearing the real me outfit (2010-2012).MAG#14 is wearing the jazz dance outfit (2009-2012). And finally MAG#23 is wearing the feeling great outfit (2012-2015).

From Heather – American Girl came out with a 16″ multiple jointed dolls called Hopscotch Hill kids that were retired in 2006. This is Hallie in her purple meet outfit lying next to Emily in Ruthie’s meet dress.

From Rachel D – Elizabeth sits in her wheelchair (Retired 2011) while wearing the Springtime Sundress (Retired 2010). Meanwhile, Felicity is wearing her meet outfit (Retired 2011) and packing Nellie’s pajamas (Retired 2008) along with mini Felicity inside the Travel Luggage Set (Retired 2007).

In the 1970s it was fashionable for women to wear “bodysuits” (leotards).  Here is Josefina in Julie’s “Meet” hat, Isabelle’s leotard, Julie’s denim jeans, and McKenna’s tennis shoes with purple accents.  From Jen & Brianna @ DollsBetweenUs

From Charlotte – This is Isabelle (GOTY 2014) in her retired purple pyjamas, and Emily (Historical character, and Molly’s best friend) in her holiday outfit.

From Sarah – Starting with the doll on the bottom, (Isabelle Goty 2014) is wearing Isabelle’s purple wrap sweater and her practice skirt, both retired January 1st 2015. Standing on the right is Ruthie (retired historical friend doll from 1930s) She is wearing her meet dress with Julies hat that came with her old meet accessories, both retired with the release of Beforever. Standing on the left is Kylie (MAG #40) she is modeling Isabelle’s pj’s, retired January 1st 2015. Lastly, in the center is a purple stuffed bunny. It is not sold from AG, but looked really cute up there with the dolls.

From Ashley – This is Cotton wearing the purple t shirt from the felt tee book. I added the heart on it.

From AshleighluvAG – Here is McKenna wearing her School Outfit from her collection from 2012.

From AshleighluvAG – Here is Holly (MAG #13) wearing the Real Me Outfit from 2010 as a meet outfit.

From AshleighluvAG – And finally Isabelle is wearing her Purple Leotard and Dance Skirt mix-and-match pieces from her collection from 2014.

From Farrah Lily – ?Lovely Elizabeth is enjoying Isabelle’s retired purple jammies.  Even though she usually wears long night gowns to bed, she really loves the colors of these pajamas as well as her new soft, warm slippers. 

The rest of the photos are from Madelon.

Nellie’s Pajamas

Marisol, Kailey and Kanani

Marie-Grace and Felicity


Saige’s Hot Air Balloon

McKenna in the park

Kanani’s swimsuit and vest


  • April 16 – American Girl Josefina and any of her collection since she is a historical character – everything is a throwback
  • April 23 – Retired items that have to do with Earth Day, gardening or exploring the outdoors
  • April 30 – Retired American Girl of the Year Nicki


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