They say that the “Eyes are the windows to the soul” I wonder if that is why so much planning goes into the painting and design of doll eyes. They are one of the first things you notice when you look at any doll and some of them are simply stunning. This weeks theme is doll eyes and there are so many wonderful entries to share. If you have ever wondered what goes into putting eyes into the heads of your dolls, be sure to read to the bottom. My Friend Sheryl has a great look at how she repairs her dolls eyes.


First up can you guess who’s eyes these are?

Here is Lauryce from the Hearts for Hearts Doll line. She has the most
strikingly beautiful hazel eyes! 🙂
Farrah Lily from www.cozycomfortsanddolls.blogspot.com

dn (1)

Bridget sent in this photo

dn (2)

Caption: This was a great experiment seeing all our eyes close up. The
similarities and differences. Can you tell whose eyes are whose?
Tea Time with melody Q


Eva K did a fun collage as well! I love the green eyes at the top don’t you?

PicMonkey Collage

Madelon sent in so many amazing eye photos here are just some of them for you to see!

PicMonkey Collage

So many lovely pairs of eyes!

dn (5)

These are sent in by Lyn

dn (1)


Description: I love how Saige’s glasses have a reflection in them! She is
wearing Isabelle’s Coral sweater (retired) and AG chocolate glasses.
Maddie ;D

PicMonkey Collage

First is a photo of two vintage dolls, Emerald the Witch Doll and another 1960-1970 doll I named Francesca.The second photo is a close up of Emerald the Witch — her eyes used to light up when she was new in 1972.  Her skin is lavender and her hair is green Thank you Anne!

Have you ever wondered what the dolls eyes look like outside of their heads? My friend Sheryl, does repairs and reconditioning of dolls and I was so thrilled to see she send in this collage to share with you all. I think it is a really neat process of restoring well loved dolls.

dn (3)

Today, I took apart Kirsten’s eyes to clean because they were sticky and icky. There is nothing worse than eyes sticking and not opening and closing properly. Now, they are as good as new! I have been busying myself doing eye repair on many of my kid’s dolls. They all seem to want to customize dolls they currently have. The process has included removing old wigs, paint, fixing sticky eye and replacing eyelashes that have receded. So, I have been popping eyes, prepping for their new peepers, repaints and swaps.

Sheryl Booth
The Broken Doll: Facebook.com/4thebrokendoll


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