Felicity was my first American Girl doll. Having visited Williamsburg many times, her story was one I was already very familiar with – plus I just loved the combination of her green eyes and reddish hair! We have done a Throwback Thursday for Felicity before, but I thought this time we could focus on the accessories from her era.

Remember the great little pamphlets that came with the historical dolls and their outfits! They had more information about the historical relevance of the outfits and accessories inside.

Each of Felicity’s outfits and accessories used to come with these little envelopes with trading cards in them. Each one had 3-4 cards that showed the items on the front and then gave more information about them on the back.

From Heather – This is Lindsey, Felicity and Samantha performing a lute concert in their colonial clothes.

The next four photos are from Elizabeth:

Felicity wears her school outfit as she plays with her Noah’s ark. Her doll watches.

Felicity holds her doll, wearing her work outfit.

Felicity plays her mandolin, wearing her fair outfit.

Felicity bravely displays her undergarments.

From Tony – It’s a lovely Fall day and Jane is taking her pet lamb, Posie, for a walk in the park. She’s wearing Felicity’s Rose Garden Gown and Felicity’s original meet accessories (drawstring purse with bit coin inside, handkerchief, coral necklace, and round-eared cap).

From Kristen L – This is Felicity’s Stable Set or Colonial Stable Set. It includes the stable setting,a shovel, a rake, a bucket, a brush, saddle bags, and a wheelbarrow.

From chrissafan3 – JLY 28 Aly loves wearing Elizabeth’s Tea Lesson Gown.

From Sewbig – Felicity (in her “Meet” bonnet) and Baby Polly. The background is Felicity’s Scenes and Settings.  I made Felicity’s and Baby Polly’s dresses.

From Sewbig – Felicity with Penny.  The background is Felicity’s Stable.  I made the adaptation of Felicity’s Town Fair dress.

We actually two more Throwback Thursday posts scheduled today in honor of Felicity and Elizabeth’s colonial accessories! Check back later.

Thanks to all who sent photos in today! For next week the theme is going to be HORSING AROUND! You may send in photos featuring ANY of the RETIRED American Girl horses and horse related accessories. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK HORSES in the subject line of your email to me at share@dolldiaries.com.