I know how excited you are for Camp Doll Diaries  to start so I thought we would take a look back at some of the retired American Girl camping related outfits and accessories this week.

These first eight photos are from Rachael – they are an amazing snapshot of American Girl history – thank you!!

The girls at camp! 

Retired GOTY Marisol Luna looking for snacks. The Picnic Goodies set is from 1998.

Elizabeth wears the retired Flower Garden dress from 2011 and the items on the table are from various sets including the Birthday Cookout set from 1996.

Josefina and Molly are cooking out on the grill from 1996!  Josefina is wearing the Picnic Outfit from 1998 and Molly has on the Picnic Time outfit from 2001.

Kirsten is wearing the 1998 Play Outfit and has some of Molly’s Camping Equipment with her. The Campfire and Treats are from 2009.

Felicity is wearing the Earth Day outfit from 1996.

Kit is wearing the 1998 Hiking Outfit with the Backpack Essentials Kit from the same year. 

From Willsbardgirl: This is Chrissa in the Wilderness Outfit from 2009. It included a thermal long-sleeved shirt, hiking pants, coral vest, tennis shoes and a book with fun facts about the states.

A close up of the shoes – too cute.

The AG’s State to State book that came with the Wilderness Outfit.

And a look inside the book.

From Sophia – Lanie has just come  back from a walk in the woods in her nature outfit and jacket from her nature accessories.

From Erica W. – Sally in the Hiking Outfit and Backpack set from 1998.

A closer look at the backpack, which came with a water bottle and a first aid kit.

From Cordelia -Katherine has let Rose be the model today because Katherine thinks that she will have lots of opportunity to wear this outfit once Camp Doll Diaries begins. Yes, the dolls are already planning their outfits for camp!  In this picture, Rose (McKenna) is wearing the Middy dress with tam and the high button shoes from the retired Samantha Collection. She has the bo’s’n’s whistle around her neck and is carrying the butterfly net, complete with butterflies, that came with the Nature Paraphernalia Set. The whistle really works and is a favourite accessory from the viewpoint of the dolls; with the rest of the household listening to their loud whistle blasts,  perhaps less so.

 The second picture shows the pack basket that came with the Nature Paraphernalia Set, complete with flowers (Black Eyed Susans). We can also get a look at the excellent detail that went into the back of the Middy dress. Katherine and I both really like this outfit and the related accessories.


The third picture shows a closeup of the magnifying glass ( I believe the second edition, the first having a bone coloured handle) and the working flower press that were part of the Nature Paraphernalia Set. Katherine and Rose will have fun later today using the press with the lily-of-the-valley flower that Rose has picked from my garden and is holding in the first picture.

Thanks again to all who sent in photos this week!!

The theme for next week’s Throwback Thursday is WATER, WATER, EVERYWHERE – What I am looking for are retired American Girl items that have to do with going to the POOL, BEACH or other WATER SPORTS. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK WATER in the subject line of your email to me at share@dolldiaries.com.