WOW!! What a great Throwback Thursday. Obviously Felicity was very popular because we have so many amazing photos of her! Here is a message and some beautiful photos from one of our long time community members, Rachael.


Dear Char,

I’m so sorry to bombard you with pictures, but Felicity and Elizabeth’s collection is very special to me and I was so thrilled when I saw that it is this week’s Throwback Thursday theme! Felicity was my first American Girl, a Christmas present I got in 1997 when I was five. I’ve had her ever since and have been slowly but surely building her collection. I have almost her complete original collection (minus the Needlework & Frame, the Shrewsbury Cake set, and Posie) and I have a number of pictures to send in. Since I am here at school, I have searched through my iPhoto library for all of these photos, so I don’t have pictures of everything (I have so many pictures of my dolls!!) but my mom was also kind enough to have Elizabeth pose for a few, too, so she sent me a few additional ones! You by no means have to use them all, but I was so excited by the theme that I wanted to just send them in anyway!


Rachael and Felicity

Felicity’s Clothes Press

Elizabeth in her cloak.

Elizabeth at her Tea Lesson.

Felicity’s Birthday

Felicity’s Summer Outfit with her canopy bed and more accessories in the background.

Elizabeth and Felicity in their Holiday Gowns

Elizabeth in the center wearing her meet outfit while Felicity stays warm with her cape over her meet dress.

Felicity’s nightstand

Felicity’s tea chest, Noah’s Ark, chocolate pot and accessories from the Plantation Play set.

Felicity’s Rescue Kit

Elizabeth in her Summer Outfit and Felicity in her Riding Outfit.

Elizabeth at school.

Felicity in her Town Fair outfit.

Felicity and her trunk.

Felicity in her work gown.


Thanks again Rachael for sharing your amazing collection with us!