I am so grateful for all the Throwback Thursday photos our readers have been sending in – especially this week because I have just not had as much time for doll photography as I want to have. And we have quite a few so I think I am going to do a few Throwback Thursday posts today, starting with these adorable Bitty Twins photos Kaylee sent in.

The Bitty Twins and they are wearing the Playdate Outfit from 2004. It’s a sweater with jeans and orange sneaker for the boy and sweater, skirt, tights, and Mary Janes for the girl.

This Bitty Baby outfit from 2005 is called the Bunny PJ’s. It’s a long-sleeve tee, pants, and sleep cap. 

This outfit is the Colorblock Sleeper, which is a one-piece footie pajama set.

This outfit is the Snowy Day Snowsuits, which is from 2003. It’s a one piece snow-suit with mittens and boots.  Thanks Kaylee for these Bitty Twin throwbacks!

If you have photos of retired American Girl (or other brands) dolls, clothing or furniture and want to help us take a look into the past, email your photos and descriptions to us at share@dolldiaries.com.