By  far the most loved doll in this house is Bitty Baby! She was Natalie’s first doll and has traveled the world with her. For today’s Throwback Thursday, our readers have sent in some of their Bitty Baby and Twins photos for us to enjoy, but first, a few of my favorite Bitty photos from the Doll Diaries vault.

1996 Bitty Baby Gardening set

This is a very special Bitty Baby we bought at a Doll Show. She is one of the original Bitty Baby dolls and is wearing the Gardening Outfit from 1996.


Natalie’s Bitty Baby Penelope in the retired Cheerleading Outfit from 2008.

Natalie’s Bitty Twins – Rose and Daisy. This photo is from 2007. Rose is wearing the 2003 Beautiful Blooms dress and Daisy is wearing the Playful Hearts set from 2005.

Madelon’s Bitty Baby

Madelon’s Bitty Baby celebrating Halloween.

From Linda – Caroline is reading to her little niece, a Madame Alexander doll. I bought this Bitty Baby crib at a garage sale years ago for $3.00. At that time, I didn’t know anything about Bitty Babies. It came with a white pillow, mattress and white with pink bows comforter, which I still have but have misplaced at the moment. I believe they are Samantha’s. Caroline is wearing pajamas that I made. I also made these little pillows that go with comforters that I made for a bunk bed set that we made.

From Vivian – This is my Bitty Baby Emily Elizabeth, she’s from 2010 or 2011 I’m not 100% sure when I got her. Unlike most girls I got my bitty baby when I was 9 or 10. I wasn’t so much into the 18 inch dolls yet (though I had two) and I had fallen in love with the Bitty Babys! I’ve had several great years of adventures with her though, I no longer use Emily Elizabeth. I am saving her to give to my future children someday. I had a lot of fun taking her out to take pictures, so enjoy! 

The next set of photos are from Heather – This is Bitty Baby in her first original sleeper, I’m not sure if the basket is authentic Bitty though. 

Bitty’s sailor outfit from 2000. 

Bitty wears her harvest plaid outfit (2003) when she goes to visit the horses. 

Bitty’s toggle coat (2003) goes really well with the harvest plaid pants.

The next set are from Rachel – ?My Bitty Baby is one of the original dolls. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, and as you can tell, is well loved.

Here she is in her original PJ’s and Bitty Bear.

Here is the birthday outfit for Bitty.

Bitty Bear with her headband (I couldn’t find her collar), with the book and cake that came with the Bitty Baby set.

And the complete birthday set.

This set is from Bethany – My Bitty Baby in her original outfit.

A close-up of Bitty’s face. I have the brown eyes, dark brown hair one- one of the first Bitty Baby designs.

Bitty’s books. The right-hand one came with her, I think, but the other one I got somewhere else.

Bitty in her Special Day outfit.? I have the whole set somewhere but this was all I could find.

Bitty with her bear. Doesn’t she look cute cuddling her friend?

?A closer look at Bitty’s little bear. Cute little cuddly face….

The next five photos are from Hannah. The Twins wearing the Fall Frolic outfits of 2004.

Festive Plaid Outfits from 2004

Red Argyle and Aqua Argyle outfit from 2010

Play Outfits from 2002

The original sleepers from 2002.

For next week’s Throwback Thursday we are going to mix it up quite a bit!! Let’s see all those VINTAGE dolls. I know our readers are of all ages and some of you have some very old dolls. VINTAGE dolls will be classified as dolls from before 1980!! This is going to be a challenge, but I think there are some real gems out there. Be sure to share as much information about the doll as you can. Please send your photos to me at and put THROWBACK VINTAGE in the subject line.