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The theme for today’s Throwback Thursday is BFC Ink dolls, and while the response was not overwhelming by any means, one reader, Kaf Frum, pretty much is going to spoil us by sharing one amazing collection! BFC Ink dolls were created by MGA Entertainment (makers of Bratz, Moxie Girls, Novi Stars and the like). They stand 18″ tall but are much thinner than AG dolls.


From Kaf Frum

I collect BFC Ink, and have a blog that I occasionally write in/post pics at: http://alittledollwilldoit.blogspot.com.au/

Some basic BFC Ink notes:

  • The original three were Addison (light brown hair blue eyes), Calista (black hair brown eyes) and Kaitlin (blonde hair green eyes) 
  • The 2nd release I know as “My Favourite things” included the original three, and an extra 2 that were the twins Aliesha and Noelle (brown hair brown eyes)
  • The first two releases had limited articulation: neck shoulders midriff legs knees
  • The 3rd release I know as “100+ poses” included the five as per above, and increased with 2 more girls Gianna (red hair green eyes) and Yuko (almond shaped brown eyes and black hair) and a fella named CJ. The articulation increased to include better knee joints, elbows, wrists and ankles.
  • The 4th release was the swimsuit edition “Summer Splashin’ “, and only included Addison, Kaitlin, Noelle and Aliesha, using the 100+ poses body, and these were meant to be water play dolls.
  • The last release was a possible explanation of the Club name “Ink” was the Pen Pals, Britt (brown hair grey eyes), Elsa (white blonde with blue eyes), Carmen (copper hair and green eyes), and Nicolette (blonde with brown eyes) also using the 100+ poses body.

BFC Ink dolls Addison

Addison: from left (original) Maddelyn in her meet outfit, her jacket with ears is hanging next to her; (my favourite things) Juliette in “Casual cool”; (100+ poses) Harmony in her meet outfit; next to her is Ashleigh in “Spring Showers” that came with a hooded rain coat and gumboots; and (Summer Splashin’) Charlie (wearing the shorts from Maddelyn’s meet outfit. The top is from a My Scene super huge doll)

BFC Ink dolls Boys

Boys: CJ Brandon on the left, Jackson on the right (difference? Brandon’s hair goes left and Jackson’s right) Their meet outfit was a Skate t-shirt, Jeans and a flanelette shirt.

BFC Ink dolls Calista

Calista: from left (100+ poses) Jaime is wearing a ballet outfit made from a sock, the chair in front of her is the gorgeous “Ballet Beauty” outfit; (favourite things, I think) Shanandoah wearing a new wig and the “Pretty and Preppy” outfit; Abigail wearing Kaitlin favourite things meet outfit; (100+ poses) Zoe wearing “Fairy Princess”; and (original, I think) Caliie in her meet outfit.

BFC Ink dolls Kaitlin

Kaitlin: from left (100+ poses) Melody in her meet outfit; (Summer Splashin’) Lauren in Simply Sweet; (100+ poses) Loralie in Original Kaitlin’s meet outfit; (Favourite things) McKinley in her meet overalls; and (original) Kaitlyn in her meet dress the long boots are beside her.

BFC Ink dolls Pen Pals

Pen Pals: from left (Carmen) Ariah in her meet outfit; (Elsa) Ellie in “Fun in the Sun”; (Brit) Brooke-Lyn in her meet outfit; (Carmen) Josephine in Erika’s meet outfit; and (Nicolette) Erika in Pretty Sun ‘n’ Fun.

BFC Ink dolls Pen Pals

Twins: from left (Summer Splashin’ Noelle) Leisel in her swimsuit (100+ poses Noelle) Richelle in “Party Pretty”; (Summer Splashin’ Aliesha) Chloe in 100+ poses Calista’s meet outfit that she’s using as horse riding attire; (100+ poses Aliesha) Georgia in her meet outfit with Magic Attic Skates, and a little bit left over from Xmas; and (100+ poses Noelle) Hayley in her meet outfit.

BFC Ink dolls Yuko Gillian

Yuko and Gianna: from left (Yuko) Yuri in her meet outfit; Indigo in “So Stylish”; (Gianna) Gillian in her meet dress; Rose in “Icy Cute”; and (Yuko) Vicki in Pen Pal Elsa’s meet outfit.

BFC Ink dolls are technically retired, but you can find some BFC Ink dolls and clothes on Amazon and eBay with various prices. Just be wary of inflated prices!

For next week’s Throwback Thursday we are going to feature American Girl Samantha and her collection. If you have sent in photos we have posted on previous Samantha themed photos, please just send we have not seen before.  Please give as many details as you can – like her name to start! Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK SAMATHA in the subject line of your email to me at share@dolldiaries.com.