We have featured Samantha for Throwback Thursday before, but it’s been a while and we miss her, so I thought we could take another look at Samantha and her retired collection.

From Cordelia –  In the first photo Rose is modelling the “Meet Outfit and Accessories” from the Samantha Collection which is the first outfit that I received from AG. I especially like the little purse complete with hankie and coin. Katherine is modelling the elegant and beautifully detailed “Tea Dress” which has always been a favourite of mine.

Rose and I convinced Katherine to give the Doll Diaries Community a little peak at her “Lacy Whites”. Rose thought that this undergarment was pretty enough to be worn by a modern girl as a summer dress which brought about much giggling on Katherine’s part!

From Tony – Nellie is wearing her meet outfit (dress, hair ribbon, tights, bloomers, and purse accessory) her shoes are from Samantha’s Shoes and Socks collection. Elizabeth (JLY #7) is wearing Samantha’s Talent Show dress and hair ribbon. The tights are from the Shoes and Socks collection. Elizabeth is also wearing the gold locket brooch and purse from Samantha’s meet accessories. Her shoes are not AG.

From Maria S. – Samantha Parkington was my first doll, and I got her in 2006! A few of my Samantha items are not pictured, such as her hat from her accessories. I also have her movie on DVD.  Left to right, top to bottom. My doll Samantha’s cranberry holiday dress, 1904 bathing suit (shoes and hat not shown), meet outfit, nightgown, and her coat. The coat was handmade using a pattern.

Samantha in her blue velvet dress, the last dress I bought for Samantha before she retired.  She is riding her three wheeled bike I got in Feb. 2008 when it was being clearanced out.

Samantha holding her doll. I found this doll at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago and thought, “Hey it looks just like her doll!”

From Christian Homeschooler – My sister’s Samantha doll is wearing Samantha’s Bridesmaid Dress.  She doesn’t have the flowers, but has the beautiful hat.

From Jaclynn -I ordered my Samantha doll off of ebay just a little over a week ago. She is wearing her complete “Meet Outfit” along with her brooch and hat from her accessories. Samantha Parkington retired in 2009.

I also bought Samantha’s Scenes and Settings off of ebay and I am extremely happy with it! I’m sorry to say, I do not know when this was retired.

Madelon still has the 1995 (!!!) catalog and shares some photos.



In 1995 Samantha cost $82.

Samantha buttons.

Thanks to all who sent in photos!!

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