The theme for today’s Throwback Thursday is American Girl Rebecca. Normally I ask that all the items in the photo be retired, but Rebecca’s collection is still relatively new and honestly, we just have not featured her enough on Doll Diaries so ALL Rebecca items are welcome for this week’s post.

Rebecca is the newest member of Madelon’s doll family.

From Cordelia – Katherine is relaxing on the settee from the Rebecca Collection. It is a favourite piece of furniture in her parlour.

From Tony – Cecelia is having fun exploring in Rebecca’s Costume Chest ~ a faux leather-covered chest with lid and removable tray that includes mini photos and magazine covers featuring 1914 celebrities, a sleeveless turquoise dress with golden trim at the waist, a sparkly overskirt with scalloped edges, a matching turquoise headdress, fancy golden wings and ballet-style shoes, a knit shawl with a bow at the neckline, a double-strand faux-pearl necklace, and a pair of cream-colored satin gloves.

From Sydney – Caroline is wearing Rebecca’s robe under Saige’s Sparkle Dress (GOTY 2013- retired), Kit is wearing Rebecca’s Lace Dress (endangered), Julie is wearing Rebecca’s Movie Dress, and Ruthie is wearing Rebecca’s School dress while crying that she is to be retired! We’ll miss you Ruthie!

From Hallie – This is Rebecca wearing her summer outfit and playing with her doll. Oh look Marie Grace photo bombed this photo.

From Shelby-Grace: Here is my Rebecca in her meet dress! The boots are nice and go with lots of historical outfits and the tights, bloomers are useful and sturdy, the dress material is more burgundy than it appears, my stubborn camera would not take a good picture showing its true shade. 😉 Her dress has normaly velcro up the back, I’m confused as to why, because most of Rebecca’s clothes have no-snag velcro to protect her curls, so I’m usually careful around it and her hair. Overall, though I like her meet outfit. (I also have her meet accessories, but I couldn’t track them down in time for a photo.)

?I love her Hanukah dress, it’s so beautiful! The bows on the shoes are so cute, and the 3/4 purple fabric and then gauzy material is very pretty! Overall, I really love this dress on her.
I’ve wanted Rebecca’s movie dress for a good while, and I finally decided to pick it up when I bought my Becky, and I am so glad I did! The material is great, and oh, that dramatic, flowery hat! I love it! The shoes are cute and go with many outfits, modern or historical. The necklace is a bit hard to put on, because it uses Velcro instead of a real clasp, overall, the whole thing is very cute!
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