So, better late on Thursday than not at all! It is time to take a look at the retired GOTY 2012, McKenna.

We will start with my farewell to McKenna photo featuring McKenna and her friends modeling most of her outfits. From left to right Gwen, Ivy, Alex, Callie and Emily.

From americangirldollcraz – McKenna’s loft, gymnastics equipment and outfits.

From Katie R – McKenna was my first doll so I made a collage.


From Madelon – McKenna items at a recent American Girl Doll Fashion Show.

From Madelon – a close up of McKenna’s gym bag.

From Toby – Here is my photo for Throwback Thursday this week. In the photo from Left to Right: Lucie wearing the leotard from McKenna’s practice wardrobe and McKenna’s team gear (jacket, bracelet, shoes and medal), next is McKenna wearing her meet outfit with her accessories and holding the Judy Moody book from her loft bed set ( I bought the book separately, I don’t own the loft bed), next is Yoko holding McKenna’s dog Cooper’s leash and wearing the other half of the practice wardrobe, and last is Amaya wearing McKenna’s pyjamas.

And the final three photos are from Lauren:

McKenna and Ivy stretching before gymnastics begins. McKenna is wearing her practice leotard from her collection.
Fun Trivia: The floor mats are just old doll mattress’s and Ivy’s leo is an old ballerina outfit that I cut the long legs off of and designed myself!

McKenna is leaving practice with her accessories as Ivy stays because her beam is a little shaky. McKenna is wearing her “Warm-Up Outfit” which was only available if you bought her Starter Collection.

McKenna’s accessories included a “Fantastic Gymnastics” doll sized book, an orange journal, a book report, and a letter from “Shooting Star Gymnastics”, three faux dollars, a snack, McKenna’s necklace, her gym bag, her water bottle, and McKenna’s ID card. Shown in this picture are her gray drawstring gym bag featuring her gym’s logo, her orange journal, her three faux dollars, her pink water bottle, her ID that shows she belongs to “Shooting Star Gymnastics Club” and her bag of Trail Mix…a very healthy snack!

Thanks for sending in photos everyone!

For next week, For next week the theme is going to be our Doll Diaries farewell to Molly and Emily! You may send in photos featuring Molly and Emily and their collections. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK MOLLY & EMILY in the subject line of your email to me at