Kailey Hopkins was the second American Girl of the Year – she was released in 2003 and retired in 2004. Kailey is from California and loves the ocean. When she hears of major commercial development coming to her beloved beach that would destroy the tide pools, Kailey and her best friend Tess devise a way to get the attention of the developers and save the tide pools.

From Marjorie – Kailey was released on my birthday, July 1.  What a great birthday present to myself!  I got an email that day from American Girl introducing Kailey, and I knew that she then that she would be my fourth American Girl doll.  I immediately fell in love with her highlighted hair (it has both brown and blond strands).  I was also really into braiding my hair like Kailey’s in 2003.

Also from Marjorie – Kailey loves the beach–Frisbee, boogie boarding, and tide pools.  She likes living at my house because we’re minutes away from the beach!  The closest beach, where we took pictures today, doesn’t have any tide pools, but Kailey still loves the shells and sand and birds.  But it’s way too cold to boogie board in Washington!

From Marjorie – Kailey at the beach.

From Marjorie – Kailey is looking for the tide pools.

From Madelon – Kailey in her wetsuit with her dog Sandy.

Also from Madelon – Kailey’s boogie board, case, snorkel gear and camera.

I found this in my inbox from Madelon from a while back but it is perfect! Kailey is photographing baby seals.

From Munkfan – Kailey and Sandy posing for the camera.

Kailey’s towel, from Cheryl F.

WOW!! Thanks for sending in these photos of Kailey and her collection! I think we have it all featured.

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PS – I am chaperoning a field trip today – Doll of the Day will be posted this evening.