I bet you thought I forgot about Throwback Thursday this week!! Well, I didn’t – today was just super busy. We are taking a look back at retired American Girl of the Year 2007 Nicki.

These first three photos are from Janet:

Nicki in her Meet Outfit. Her Meet Outfit consists a white bodysuit, fake suede skirt, and cowgirl boots. Nicki has blue eyes, freckles and curly caramel hair with streaks of brown.

Nicki’s Tie Top and Shorts Outfit. It came with a pink tank top, a pink floral tie top, cream shorts, a floral belt, and red sandals.

Nicki’s Ranch Outfit. It came with a green shirt with cream and pink trim, hot pink corduroy pants, pink chaps, purple cowgirl boots, and a duffel bag.

The next three are from Lena B. 

This is Nicki in her meet outfit. She is holding her dog Sprocket.

This is Nicki in her horseback riding outfit and with her Nicki bag.

This my last Nicki outfit it is her spring and summer outfit.

The next set of seven photos are from Stephanie who has Nick’s entire collection.

Nicki in her meet outfit with her dog Sprocket.

Nicki, Sprocket and Jackson the horse.

Nicki in her Ski Wear and Ski Gear.

Nicki’s Ski Gear

Nicki in her Gala outfit.

Nicki’s books

From Agdollicious – Here is a close up of Nicki! She is SUCH a nice doll, and personally, she doesn’t get enough credit in the doll world! She’s with her dog, Toasty, and wearing another non-American Girl dress.

From S – Here is pictures of my Nicki in her meet outfit riding a JLY horse that is retired.

From Madelon – Nicki removed her muddy boots before entering the class.

From Ella – This is Nicki’s meet outfit (on Chrissa) and her two books.

From Ella – This is my Nicki doll I found at a sale for $20. I’m in the process of fixing her.

From Cindy – Nicki in Auburn Cheerleader outfit–War Eagle!

Thanks to all who sent in photos this week!

With Memorial Day right around the corner – which means picnic & cookout season is here, let take a look at retired American Girl PICNIC or OUTDOOR COOKING/GRILL SETS.  Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK PICNIC in the subject line of your email to me at share@dolldiaries.com.