American Girl Kirsten is in the spotlight for this week’s Throwback Thursday feature.

From Tea Time with Melody Q – Kirsten enlisted the rest of the Tea Time clan to show off what she has from her collection. From left to right.Haley was thinking Christmas so she wears the Santa Lucia Gown with wreath. (This is not the official AG version, but commissioned by artist Virginia Gaudiello from ArtFusion 19464 in Pottstown PA). Melody also felt festive and chose Kirsten’s Birthday Dress or Apron Dress and Daisy Wreath (her boots are really Josefina’s – she didn’t want to get the socks dirty). She’s holding the embroidery hoop from the quilt kit, the quilt is behind her and Mama Cat & Kitten are at her feet. Kirsten looks great in her Meet Outfit with accessories and holding her doll. Lanie put on Kirsten’s Baking Outfit; she had to get used to the “wooden” shoes again. Kaya was feeling studious so she wears Kirsten’s School Dress with Shawl. The Pioneer School Lunch at her feet (we only have Kirsten’s meet boots so Kaya decided to go barefoot as many pioneer children did). Behind is Kirsten’s Nightgown.

From Sapphire – This is Kirsten in a hospital gown from the American girl doll hospital! This picture was taken in my closet!

From Linda – This Kirsten is my daughter’s Pleasant Company doll from 22 years ago.  We have lost one sock, one shoe string, and her undies.  The undies she is wearing are borrowed from Caroline.  The bonnet that she is wearing is made from a pattern from Pleasant Company titled, Kirsten’s Pretty Clothes. Kirsten is maybe my favorite doll!!!!!!

From Anna Catherine ( This is my Kirsten doll that I got for Christmas eleven years ago.   She was found in a thrift store, then taken to the Doll Hospital to get fixed up.   I still have most of her accessories and I have all of her books!   Here she is today, wearing an outfit I won from American Planet (

This is my Kirsten doll, I’ve had since 2009 or 2010, I don’t remember. ~Leah

In Kirsten Learns a Lesson, Kirsten goes to fetch a bucket a water and spies Singing Bird through the cattails.
Heather H

From Linda G.-Kirsten is wearing the Immigrant Outfit from when she traveled on the boat from Sweden to America. Kit is modeling Kirsten’s Birthday dress.

From Linda G – Kirsten wears her “Checked dress and apron” outside to play with her Midsummer toys.

From Linda G – Kirsten wears her School Dress to have a Christmas tea with the Bear.

From Linda G – Kirsten is wearing her Work Dress while her friend Sue wears a home made Lucia dress. Behind them is the Swedish Christmas tree…with candles.

From Linda G – Kirsten wears her Winter Woolens and a homemade skirt to bring treats to the neighbors.

Kirsten from Madelon.

From Madelon – Kirsten’s Stationery Set

From Madelon – Kirsten trading cards

The back of the trading cards.


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