American Girl Kaya is the focus of this week’s Throwback Thursday – not so much from the standpoint of looking at retired items from her collection, but as a real look back at history!

Julie used her Kaya as part of a school project from the looks of it.

From Karina – This is my Kaya doll in her Deerskin Outfit, which is still available. I think she looks so pretty in this outfit! I can’t remember exactly when I received Kaya, but I believe it was sometime in 2003-2006.

From Heather H – Kaya and Rose (Magic Attic Doll) decided to go for a ride in the woods.

From Carol M – Beautiful Kaya, with her corralled horses last Spring.

Also from Carol M –  Kaya as Mariana, Josefina’s Acoma Indian friend.

And one more from Carol M – Kaya at her camp, with all her animals and gear.

From Hope H – My niece sitting beside Kaya’s tent at the Orlando AG store to show how big it is! The tent is huge! 

From Sarah – This is my Kaya doll, I received her as a hand-me down from my older sister’s friend, and I was about 12 so I decided to take out her braids, I recently renamed Kaya to Remedy Grace “Remy” Lewis and at some point this year she will be rewigged with a wig that will be dyed orange, just as soon as I can find a perfect blonde wig to dye.

The next set of photos are from AGElephantLover:

Here’s Kaya in her meet outfit with her accessories.

A closer look at her accessories.

In her Deerskin Outfit and her food set.

A closer look at the food set.

Madelon’s Kaya

This is also from Madelon. This is not Kaya’s fawn, but she looks really cute with her!


  • January 29 – Retired American Girl winter gear and accessories (modern, GOTY or historical)
  • February 5 – American Girl GOTY Kailey
  • February 12 – Retired American Girl Valentine outfits and accessories


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