American Girl Josefina is by far one of the prettiest dolls they have made, however, she has one of the smallest collections. Since her collection has always been small and she is under appreciated, today’s Throwback Thursday will include Josefina’s collection – including retired and currently available items.


From Gaby – I got Josefina when I was 7 years old in 2008 and she was my first American Girl Doll. She came with earrings that cannot be removed, a yellow flower in her hair, a necklace, rebozo (shawl), purse and little handkerchief.

From Gemmi – I got Josephina’s goat Sombrita for my birthday. She is so life-like and A-DORABLE! Her little bell jingles like it would on a real goat. She is very well made and highly recommended!

From Madelon – Josefina in her school outfit at American Girl DC.

Also from Madelon – Josefina in her Fiesta Dress at American Girl DC.

 Madelon’s Josefina in a custom dress.

Madelon’s Josefina got her hair done in a fancy fishtail braid at the salon at American Girl DC.

From Anaiis – Josefina in her Feast Outfit.

With her shawl as well.

Saige modeling Josefina’s meet dress.

The final photo from Anaiis, Saige and Josefina together.

The next set of photos are from Rachael who sent in this message to go with them:

I’m away at school right now, and only Felicity and Marisol are with me, so I had to pull pictures of Josefina from what I already had on my computer. Some of them she’s not the only thing in the picture, but I have most of her outfits and you can also see her bed! If they’re not what you’re looking for, though, that’s fine! I hope you like them!

There is actually an interesting story behind how I got Josefina (my fifth and unexpected doll!) My mom and I were out doing errands over the summer and we happened to drive by a yard sale. My mom was the one who spotted what she thought were American Girl dolls, so we turned around and went to look. We found my beautiful Josefina doll, her complete original outfit, her complete weaving outfit, her nightstand and accessories, her bed with mattress and pillow, and an even AG sleeping bag! All for $20! It was the most amazing yard sale find EVER! The first picture is actually of Elizabeth welcoming her to my room and helping her find some space for her clothes in our chest! 

In her Feast Outfit

In her Summer Outfit with Felicity

Elizabeth, Josefina, Felicity, Molly and Kit all in their meet outfits.

In her Party Outfit

With Molly and Kit in her Feast Outfit.

And finally in her Holiday Outfit.

Thanks so much to all who sent in photos of Josefina! You are making me want to add her to our collection!!

For next week’s Throwback Thursday post, let’s take a look at retired SUMMER DRESSES from American Girl. Let’s keep it limited to the Girl of Today collection.   Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK SUMMER DRESSES in the subject line of your email to me at