Happy Thursday! We are going to look back at American Girl GOTY 2010 Lanie today. A lot of people have compared this year’s GOTY Isabelle to Lanie – what do you think? Do they look like twins?

From The Dolly Trolley – This is my sisters Lanie doll wearing the accessories from her collection. I just love this doll. She is kind of a mixture of Caroline and Isabelle.

From Xyra & the Tea Time With Melody Q crew – What a great theme! I loved Lanie and her collection, but focused on her main outfits because I wasn’t fond of the animals and anything else I liked with in her RV which was out of the budget. Lanie says, “the best thing about having so many sisters is they can help you with projects.”  Haley wearing Lanie’s Garden Outfit, Kirsten in Lanie’s Nature Outfit with the Nature set add on, Lanie in her meet outfit with accessories and Lulu, Melody in Lanie’s Butterfly Outfit, and Kaya in Lanie’s Nightgown.

From Mattie – Lanie is my favorite Girl of the Year. I have her entire collection, except for her wild animal set, and her butterfly outfit. She was my fourth doll, and the first one that I paid for! I then proceeded to save up for everything she had to offer. A lot of my doll clothes are put away while I re-organize my doll area, but I have a couple things to show you. This is Alayna (Lanie) in her garden outfit sitting in her camper. Eden is in the hammock and has Lulu in her lap.

Also from Mattie – Mara showing off Lanie’s pull down bed, and I don’t think you can tell, but she’s in Lanie’s PJs.

The rest of these photos are from Madelon.

Lanie and her bunny.

Lanie in her green Nature Girl shirt standing by her hammock.

Inside of Lanie’s Camper.

Outside of Lanie’s Camper.

Thanks so much to all who contributed to this Throwback Thursday!!

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