From 2004 to 2006 American Girl offered an exclusive, paid club membership for girls. You paid $35 per year and that gave you a membership kit and access to the American Girl Club website where you could do a variety of tasks to earn points and then use those points to earn/purchase exclusive items. While the concept was awesome – it was poorly executed and allowed for quite a bit of spam and gaming the system. Megan and some of her friends had memberships and she did earn quite a few points and got some great items – many of which we still have today.

When I got my Molly from an eBay seller, she came dressed in some of the American Girl Club items:

Here is Molly wearing the retired American Girl Club reversible bucket hat, American Girl Club t-shirt, American Girl Club white shorts and the Red Espadrilles. 


The charms were the easiest items to earn – as you could get them for things like your birthday and for doing relatively simple projects. We also have the Charm Keeper to keep all your charms in.

Unlike the charms that come with certain outfits now, these charms were metal – many with glass or enamel, too.  From left to right we have the Happy Birthday charm, Kit, the special Spinner charm, the Stone of Friendship, Marisol’s charm and Jess’ charm, the Real Beauty charm and on top is Samantha and Nellie’s locket.

This is the doll sized wallet that came with a girl sized one, too.

I asked our readers to send in photos of the American Girl Club items and Marjorie sent this:

From Marjorie: In October of 2009, I discovered a website called Doll Diaries. I immediately sent in photos of my dolls in Halloween costumes, as requested. I was one of the photo contest winners, so I was sent a pair of red espadrilles from the American Girl Club. Here is Kailey wearing the same espadrilles, and a Doll Diaries shirt that we won this December!

You can see photos of all the American Girl Club items at: – If anyone else has photos of the American Girl Club exclusives they want to share – send them to me at

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