Throwback Thursday – American Girl Club

From 2004 to 2006 American Girl offered an exclusive, paid club membership for girls. You paid $35 per year and that gave you a membership kit and access to the American Girl Club website where you could do a variety of tasks to earn points and then use those points to earn/purchase exclusive items. While the concept was awesome – it was poorly executed and allowed for quite a bit of spam and gaming the system. Megan and some of her friends had memberships and she did earn quite a few points and got some great items – many of which we still have today.

When I got my Molly from an eBay seller, she came dressed in some of the American Girl Club items:

Here is Molly wearing the retired American Girl Club reversible bucket hat, American Girl Club t-shirt, American Girl Club white shorts and the Red Espadrilles. 


The charms were the easiest items to earn – as you could get them for things like your birthday and for doing relatively simple projects. We also have the Charm Keeper to keep all your charms in.

Unlike the charms that come with certain outfits now, these charms were metal – many with glass or enamel, too.  From left to right we have the Happy Birthday charm, Kit, the special Spinner charm, the Stone of Friendship, Marisol’s charm and Jess’ charm, the Real Beauty charm and on top is Samantha and Nellie’s locket.

This is the doll sized wallet that came with a girl sized one, too.

I asked our readers to send in photos of the American Girl Club items and Marjorie sent this:

From Marjorie: In October of 2009, I discovered a website called Doll Diaries. I immediately sent in photos of my dolls in Halloween costumes, as requested. I was one of the photo contest winners, so I was sent a pair of red espadrilles from the American Girl Club. Here is Kailey wearing the same espadrilles, and a Doll Diaries shirt that we won this December!

You can see photos of all the American Girl Club items at: – If anyone else has photos of the American Girl Club exclusives they want to share – send them to me at

The theme for next week’s Throwback Thursday is retired 2006 GOTY JESS. Send in photos of your Jess and her collection! Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK JESS in the subject line of your email to me at


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  1. 2ndie

  2. Awesome! I was too youung when AGC started, I don’t think I even knew about them back then!
    I cannot wait to see the Jess things, I LOVE Jess!

  3. Saigeluver:) says:

    3rdie cutness i wish i signed up

  4. lanielover says:

    I have some of the old buttons ag used to sell.

  5. Very fun! The charms are beautiful!

  6. Those espadrilles are cute!

  7. amazing line, wish they still had it, the historical charms are lovely!

  8. I have to admkt something, Dollie Gals- I totes forgot it was Thursday! I mean for Throwback Thursday and stuff. I didn’t forget my flute for band or anything like that…
    Oh, and I think Jess is pretty cool.

  9. I sent a picture, did you get iy?

  10. Just a warning: The red espadrilles WILL stain your doll’s feet red if they are left on too long. I’ve had two pairs, and I don’t have them any longer because of the staining.

    I loved the AG Club, but gosh, my mom never let me join. I was “too old” to join, or so she said. I never was allowed to join the club Pleasant Company offered, either, and I was at the right age then. Ugh.

  11. Cool! For any of the throwback Thursday things NEVER have the theme! :(

  12. @Laura Whenever someone says you are too old for dolls, just put on a long, black wig with a puff at the top and sing, “Ya try to make me grow up too fast and I said no, no, no.” XD

  13. Molly W. says:

    Wow! I never even knew about American Girl Club! I think if AG did it now, they would have many more members–and they could make it safer. But I suppose InnerstarU is their club thing now. :/

  14. hmm.. I would’ve been 3 whenn the club started depending on the month and 5 when it ended

  15. @Molly W.: they should have gifts like springfield club

  16. Megan!!!!!! says:


  17. Awesome! Does AG still do AG club?

  18. Wait…………….nope. I just didn’t see the thing. I was one when it started and three when it came to an end.

  19. Char, can you do a Throwback Thursday about Samantha and her collection sometime?

  20. I just love Throwback Thurday, it’s ashame I started seriously collection AG items in 2012. So I can’t really attend these, (unless you did one on McKenna) Though I started to get into AG in 2007. My First doll was Julie. I still have her but she is needy for a new eye! (her left one went lazy)

  21. I bought some stuff on eBay that was the Pleasant Company club. It had little books you could fill in as you read the historical books, and a newsletter and a pretty charm bracelet.

  22. cordelia says:

    I am learning a lot from the “Throwback Thursdays” and never tire of seeing all the interesting items. I especially like the AG club charms that you showed, Char, and your post, Marjorie, about your own history of submitting photos to Doll Diaries was fun to read.

  23. gotygirl says:

    hey char any sign of wilde wednesday coming back?

  24. I am featuring Ellowyne Wilde dolls as the doll of the day on Wednesdays so in a way, they are Wilde Wednesdays…

  25. sabrina says:

    I wish they still had the AG club! During 2004-2006 I did not like AG but now I LOVE AG!!!

  26. I wish they still had it:( But, I love looking at all of these pictures!

  27. I was too young, even though i already had 2 dolls lol i love tbe shoezzz..

  28. I was watching Felicity DVD and It said Somthing about AG Club! I wanted to join but NOW I know!

  29. Cool! Love the charms!! It would be nice if they still had a Club!

  30. cool! i had some of those charms so as a young child, I guess I was in the AG club!

  31. Ohmyword the charm bracelet is so adorable!!!! Love it!!

  32. Yay! I can send pics for Throwback Thursday! I have Jess. 😀

  33. americangirlkit4 says:

    HI EVERY ONE PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friends and I stared a petition would any one be interested in signing an online petition for American girl club to come back?

  34. Awesome!

  35. Darn, I wish I knew about AG back then. But I was too little to read back then anyway. Oh well.

  36. The AG club was great. My daughter was in the AG Club from maybe 6 months after it started until it was discontinued. Besides being able to “earn” points, they also had a feature that allowed kids to set up their own “web page” with avitars and likes/dislikes. Then they could e-mail each other from within the club site. This way no personal information was passed along, but kids got to chat. My daughter loved this feature more than the free stuff. This was perfect because she was about 10 and wanted more freedom on the internet, but we weren’t ready to let her join any social media at that age.

    She was really upset when the site was suddenly discontinued with no real explanation of why. She has made a few “cyber friends” who shared a lot of her interests. Once the club was discontinued, there was no way to get in contact with those girls. No last names were ever used. They told the girls that the parents were sent an email explaining why the club was discontinued. I got the email, but it didn’t explain anything except they decided they needed to close it down. Very disapppointing.

    The only good thing that happened from the closing is that they sold off the remaining items for discounted items and I picked up some of them. I wish they would have kept the club in some format. Maybe they will come up with another version some day. Too late for my daughter, who still cherishes her AG dolls (she’s now a collector) but it would be great for younger kids.

  37. citrus01 says:

    they should bring this back!