Throwback Thursday A Look at Kirsten

Kirsten Larsen was one of the original American Girl trio of dolls (with Samantha and Molly) and her stories are based in 1854. Kirsten’s family came to America from Sweden and eventually settled on the Minnesota prairie. One of our readers, Katie, has Kirsten and many of her outfits. She was kind enough to send them all in for us today. 

American Girl Kirsten

Such a beautiful photo of Kirsten in her meet outfit.

American Girl Kirsten

Kirsten’s meet outfit is a blue calico dress with a red and white striped apron, striped socks, brown boots. The sunbonnet, wooden spoon and spoon bag, hankerchief and necklace were part of the accessories.

American Girl Kirsten  

Kirsten’s school dress is one I definitely need to look for on eBay one of these days. I just love the red on her. Dresses in Kirsten’s day were made with grow stripes – or folds of fabric so as she grew her mother could let out the stripes and the dress would become longer.

American Girl Kirsten

I guess I had better add her Baking Outfit to my eBay wish list too, while I am at it. Oh those little clogs are just so adorable!


American Girl Kirsten

This is Kirsten’s Winter Skirt and Blouse. The Hand Knit Woolens were sold separately and included a hat, sweater and mittens.


A closer look at her sweet red boots and brown striped socks.

The Winter Skirt set without the Woolens.

Happy Birthday Kirsten! This is the dress she wore for her first birthday in America. The pink and white apron dress looks sweet with her daisy headband.

Kirsten is tired from all that modeling today. She has changed into her nightgown, has got her doll Sari and her Friendship Quilt kit and is headed off to bed!

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  1. So cute! I recently took a trip to ag place los angeles with my sister and her first edition Samantha doll. What a fun experience! The workers there treated her like royalty. One even stopped to help fix her loose head.

  2. Kirsten is pretty but, i always wonderd why shes an americangirl if she was born in sweeden?

  3. ^Beacuse she lived in America at the time of her stories. You wanna get technical, Kaya lied in an area not known about by Europeans, Felicity lived in an English Colony, Josefina lived in Mexico.

  4. Thank you for this post! I absolutly adore Kirsten!

  5. She so beautiful she is swidish or Dutch I know she is american but her family is swidish or Dutch

  6. Could someone do a throwback Thursday for Felicity and Elizabeth??

  7. I will put Felicity and Elizabeth on the request list.

  8. I love Kirten! I have her, her accesories, and her doll, but I wanted her Christmas and birthday dress, but my mom made them for me and they came out great!

  9. coolio!!!!! i love kirsten! she is so pretty and my friend has her too! ihave felicity but not elizabeth and i only have one outfit.

  10. I’ve always adored pioneer fashions. They look sweet on Kirsten :)