Thanks to everyone who sent in Earth Day Throwback photos a few weeks ago. I apologize for not getting them posted on time. I hope you enjoy them!

From Eva K. – This is a photo of MAG#37 on the left wearing the gardening outfit (2008-2010). Next to her MAG#4 wearing the hiking outfit (2012-2014). She has on the hiking accessories(2012-2014).

Lanie (GOTY 2010) is wearing the Shimmer and Lace Party Dress (not retired) and is taking a break from playing on her laptop (2010) in her camper (2010) to say hi to you! From Sydney

From Heather – I bought this fence from the dollar store and Emily, Carlie, Jacky and Lindsey decided to make a garden.

From Dawn – Isabelle in the Easy-Breezy outfit.

From Madelon – Lanie in her camper.

From Madelon – Grace and a retired AG tent.

From Madelon – Rebecca in the retired modern hiking outfit.

From Sharry – Sunny (AGJulie) wants to say Happy Earth Day to all of you! She’s gone to the park to plant flowers. Sunny is dressed in the 1996 Earth Day outfit from Pleasant Company. It consists of a tie-dye t-shirt, denim shortalls, Birkenstock style sandals w/ a recycle symbol stamp on the soles, and a leather hair barrette w/ the Earth stamped on it. This outfit is perfect for Sunny b/c it’s so groovy and retro! Happy Earth Day, DD readers!

From Wendy -Eleanor Grace (MAG 61) is learning how to garden with Lanie’s laptop and journal. She is wearing Lanie’s earth bracelet to remember to always take care of the earth.

From Christian Homeschooler – Molly is wearing the Play Outfit that was released in 1998.

From Camille – Lanie and Lulu are taking a walk outside. Look, a butterfly!!!

Thanks again to all who sent in photos!