I was just looking through my camera card and found a bunch of photos Natalie took a few weeks ago while I was not home. I thought you might enjoy them, too – some of them are really good.

American Girl Kirsten with Elizabeth and Samantha looking on.

Our very stately Matilda from A Girl for All Time.

Oh, look who is sitting my office chair – it’s Ruthie! I hope she isn’t bidding on any dolls on eBay without me knowing.

I still think that Kidz ‘n Cats Galina is one of the prettiest dolls I have seen.

Natalie’s MyAG #39 Callie looks good in everything.

Nellie and Samantha are having tea and waffles one morning.

Brrrr Β – Emily and Chrissa are bundled up for some fun in the snow!

La Dee Da Cyanne thinks she is Doll Diaries royalty.

Maru and Friends Maru, Pen Pal Girls Cady and Galina are watching the others from high on a shelf.

Natalie loves taking pictures and posts a lot of hers on our Instagram account @dolldiaries. Now to do some doll room clean up – it is getting a little crazy in here and Natalie has offered to help me, too!