The Journey Girls Collection at Toys R Us is expanding their line and I just love this new product.  Why is it so different? Let’s take a look….

When I saw this kitchen I knew it was a must have, because of it’s wonderful features.

Alley wanted to be the one to introduce the kitchen, she loves to cook and bake.  The Ultimate Kitchen is missing a sink, but it has plenty of other features including storage to keep all the items it comes with.

Opening all the areas:  the top cabinet has two doors, both open and has a top shelf, the oven is big enough to make a cake and has a removal tray, the refrigerator keeps the milk and eggs.

Alley is cooking up some fried eggs and bacon.  The burner lights up and makes a sizzling sound, this is the best feature, I love it!

Inside the oven with the tray in place.  Four oatmeal raisin cookies  and a large cake both fit inside the oven.

The side table is useful and provides the extra space for Ally to mix the ingredients to bake her favorite treats.  Ingredients such as eggs, milk and sugar are part of the set.

All the extra utensils include:  spatula, spoon, beater, canister, sprinkles, measuring cup and bowl.

Again, the best feature in my opinion are the two burners which light up and making a sizzling sound.

If you are looking to add a kitchen to your collection, the Ultimate Chef  Kitchen is currently on sale at Toys R Us for $23.99.  The kitchen and all the extra pieces are made of plastic.

Fun Facts:
1.  Alley is part of my doll collection she is:  Alleta from  Kidz n Cats (golden hair/green eyes)
2. The opinions on this product is solely my own and do not reflect those of Doll Diaries