Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a fan of the whole Twilight series of books and movies – but that is just me – my daughter Megan likes them and so do so many of my friends. However, we were at Target today and had to make the compulsory trip down the doll aisles (because that’s what we do) and I saw The Twilight Saga Eclipse Jane Barbie. She caught my eye and I had to give her a closer look.

Twilight Eclipse Jane Barbie

Jane’s character is part of the Volturi clan. She is dressed in a very classic black cloak with hood and looks quite a bit like actress Dakota Fanning. Unlike the Bella Swan Barbies – who just look like Barbies to me – Jane is different. She has a very pretty face and there is something very sophisticated about her too. Plus, you just aren’t sure – is she a “good guy” or a “bad guy?”

Twilight Saga Eclipse Jane Barbie

Normally I would think the red irises were pretty creepy, but Jane wears them well. Her necklace is very interesting, too.

What do you think?