It is official!  The Doll Diaries pajama set is so totally adorable and I just want to share it and create connection and fun.  In a perfect world, I could plan a live pajama party for girls and their dolls and they could all magically appear in one place at one time.  Because this is a bit unrealistic, I created a way to share the magic of girls, dolls and pajamas by creating a traveling party.

I made a journal that will travel around the country to different girls, sharing the pajamas and sharing their stories.  I made the cover with Sharpie marker on watercolor paper then added color with Tombow markers.  I printed pages for the guts.  To put the journal together, I dashed over to Office Max where the laminated the covers and bound it all together.

I wrote the first entry to get the party started.  The journal is now on its way to Colorado to share the celebration of girls and dolls with two very special girls, my beautiful stepdaughters.  From there it will visit another Colorado friend and them go on to Iowa for a few visits.  Follow along!  Who knows where it might end up next.

The relationships between girls and their dolls creates so many amazing and developmentally forwarding behaviors.  I can’t wait to hear from the girls that participate and find out about their special relationships.

Happy Pajama Partying! (You can get your own Doll Diaries PJs at My Doll’s Life)