Yes, we are going out of order again today… the Camp Doll Diaries activity will be posted later this morning, but first, I wanted to share this photo story from Suzanne and her daughter that they sent me a few weeks ago.


My daughter, Ella (age 9) and I have just completed our first photo story. Β She is a swimmer, and, in honor of her championship swim meet (tonight) and the World Championships, the story is about a swim meet starring Chrissa, Emily and Kit.

Sleeping peacefully at 5:45 am…

The alarm clock went off a Clara woke up. She thought to herself, “Oh my gosh, we have to get up for the meet. We can’t be late!”

She went over to wake up Chrissa. “Chrissa, why do I always have to wake you up? I’m not even a swimmer!”

Somehow, they’re both smiling, but neither one of them felt like being awake that early. Why are swim meets so early????

Good thing Chrissa laid out all of her things last night. She checks that she has everything and finishes packing. It’s a two-day away meet in DC.

Ready to go!

“Chrissa, are you sure you have everything?” “Yes, I’m sure.” “Well, then come on. You need to eat breakfast.”

Waffles, yummy!

Clara has cinnamon toast. Not the healthiest breakfast, but, hey, it’s early!

Warm ups begin. The water is so cold!

The girls line up for their first race–50 freestyle. Chrissa’s in a heat against Emily and Kit: two of her best friends and biggest competitors.

It’s a close race all the way.

Chrissa wins!

Clara is so happy for her friend!

Clara goes to work as a volunteer at the ribbons table. There are a lot of volunteers needed to keep a swim meet going!

Next, it’s backstroke: Kit’s specialty!

Kit wins and is congratulated by Chrissa. Such good sportmanship!

The first day of the meet is over. The girls spend the night at Hotel AG. Clara tells her friend she is so proud of how she did the first day.

Sleeping tight! Dreaming about the next day of races.

The first race of Day 2 is the butterfly. Emily really does fly!

Felicity is proud to give Emily a heat winner ribbon at the end of her race.

Next, the medley relay. The girls huddle to discuss strategy before the race.

The girls win! They proudly hold their first place ribbons! All done until next season, whew!


Great job Suzanne and Ella!! As a swim mom to three swimmers myself, I love all the detail – like the volunteering, the heat winner ribbons and the different strokes.Β