The Summer Trip

Julie and her friend Millie started their summer trip.  As Julie drives, Millie reads the map and navigates for Julie. The weather was perfect so they had the convertible top down and enjoyed the breeze.

The first scene they passed on they way to the cabin was a countryside with beautiful horses grazing the grass.

Millie waves as they past a southern plantation.  Everyone in the southern towns are so friendly!

As Julie and Millie pass the eastern seacoast, they pass by the Savannah seaport where old fashion ships were docked.  What a wonderful sight!

Finally Julie and Millie arrived at the cabin, where they immediately relaxed and enjoyed some snacks.  Julie is excited to go camping, hiking, fishing and many more activities.  Millie is wondering who they will meet, since some of their friends are to arrive as well.

The next morning after arriving, Julie and Millie met with the camp director to get some guidance.  Betsy the camp director told Julie and Millie about the various activities like fishing and horseback riding.  She also told them about their friends at the other camp grounds.

Early morning at sunrise, the camp was quiet, but wait what do we see?

It is a baby bear at the camp grounds, looking for food.  I think he might have found some.

The girls heard a noise. Look Sophie said Anne, we have a visitor!

That noise we heard it is a baby bear looking for food.

In the meantime, by the lake, Peter decided to go fishing. Did he doze off?

Look who came to visit, is it that baby bear again?

Did he find food this time? He is going for the fish…

Looks like Peter lost a fish, he is still dozing!

There goes baby bear, finally found his meal for the day!

Back at the camp site the girls were all dressed and awake.  They were eating and singing and even playing the harmonica!

Peter arrived showing off his catch.  Look at my fish said Peter.

Peter was proud of his catch!  We are having this for dinner he said. Yes, before that little bear comes again! said Sophie.

Sophie and Julie decided to go to the camper site, where this nice campers are allow to park. There friend Nikola is staying there.

Sophie knocks, wake up sleepy head she said.

Ok I am up, said Nikola.  Where are the others? she asked.  Julie said they are coming, they will be here soon.

Girls get together for breakfast.  This is better then what they had in their camp site.

The girls talked about planning out their day. What activities are we doing? asked Dabbie.  We are going horseback riding said Julie and Millie.

Here is the milk said Nikola.  That sounds great, I want to go too, said Nikola.

Julie and Millie meet Betsy outside their cabin.  Betsy has the horse for Julie to ride.

Here comes some riders, who just finished the trial ride, said Betsy.

Nikola arrives and waves to Julie and Millie.


Betsy gives the last of the instructions to Julie on how to manage her horse named Snow.


24. The week went fast and now it is time to say good bye.  But Julie and Millie perfer to say “Until next time!” to all their friends.

The End