Over the summer Char sent me this little vanity table along with the challenge to refinish it.  I wanted it to be colorful, fun and…

to have a little personality!  I used an easy paint technique to add those fun zebra stripes to the top and fun color on the other surfaces!

You may have doll furniture that would be perfect to refinish or freshen up.  Sometimes it is a piece you come across at the thrift store, or maybe it is something that you are repurposing for dolls.  You may realize you already have a piece that could simply use a little color and fun.

So often ideas will work in different situations.  If you like this look, the idea can be applied to many different types of furniture!

Here is the plain white vanity table before I started.

The top mirror section is removable, so I set it aside to paint the two pieces separately.  To get this look pick one surface to paint the zebra stripes on.  All the rest will be a fun color.

I wanted to try creating a zebra stripe with just tape and paint.  I saw this technique a while back somewhere. I wish I remembered where.  When I originally saw the idea I thought it was great but I wasn’t interested in trying it.  When I took a closer look at this vanity table the idea came back to me and I knew it was just what would give this piece a fun look!

To make your own zebra stripes tear long, thin strips of masking tape.  Lay the strips of tape out in one general direction, angling some to form rough diamond shapes.  It is so forgiving so don’t stress!

Tape around the outside edge and paint the whole top surface.  After the paint drys remove the pieces of tape.  Your zebra stripes are finished!

I wanted the other surfaces to be in a fun color.  I taped off the mirror and the zebra stripes and painted the rest blue.

It really was a quick project and turned out so fun!  I love the black and white on the top surface.

I love the blue with it but any color would look fabulous with the black and white!

It’s amazing what you can do with a little tape and paint!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  • Doll– Ivy is a retired AG Historical Character.
  • OutfitTank & Tutu from Springfield Collection
  • SceneVanity table is from Springfield Collection. Purse tutorial is here.  Glasses are from My life As (from Walmart).  Necklace is from Saige’s accessories.  Hair flower is made by Anna.

Add your own touch to your doll collection!