The Queen’s Treasures has manufactured the most amazing vintage sewing machine!  As soon as I saw it at the 2014 Toy Fair, I knew it was a must have… let’s take a look.

“Hi Emily,” said Isabelle,  “look what I just got for my birthday.  I always dreamed of having my own sewing machine, but this is a vintage sewing machine,  just like my grandmother had.”

As Isabelle sits to show Emily, she feels it is a perfect fit.  She can reach the foot pedal and the large wheel which helps get the sewing started.

Emily can not wait to try it, as Isabelle is a very good teacher. 

The vintage sewing arm has so much detail, what wonderful work and creativity went into this product.

More detail on the front of the arm.  All the parts are made out of wood and very solid.  There are no movements.

The sewing machine comes with accessories such as: 3 colorful thread spools, scissors made out of wood that open and close, red checkered material, measuring tape and pin cushion.

The foot pedal has an elastic which allows  for the up and down movement.

All the drawers open nicely and have a stop so that the drawers do not fall out.

The vintage sewing machine with its accessories is perfect for the 18″ dolls.  I love this product and glad it is part of my doll collection.  Thank you for your brilliant ideas The Queen’s Treasures!

Will you be adding this beautiful vintage sewing machine to your collection?

Fun Facts:
1. Emily and Isabelle are American Girl dolls and part of my doll collection.
2. I purchased the vintage sewing machine during the summer sale and it is worth every bit of it.

3. There is an exclusive 15% off coupon for Doll Diaries readers on all The Queen’s Treasures orders by using the code DD15%OFF.