This is the best time of the year where all the new items for doll play come alive from when introduced at Toy Fair.  So here is part one of  a mini story which manages to bring various new items together from various manufactures.  The mixing and coordinating makes for wonderful play time, so let’s start…..

Mikaella, the new 2014 London Holiday doll from Journey Girl (previous reviewed) has arrived in her new home, where she finds a beautiful Victorian fainting couch sofa from The Queen’s Treasures.  Note that Mika (her new nickname) is wearing a mixture of pieces of various outfits: the fox top is from OG outfit, the skirt fits perfect from AG because it has elastic, the black faux fur shrug came as part of  her outfit and the shoes are from another JG outfit. Mikaella is prettier then the pictures on the Toys R Us website.  She is also on sale and I had rewards points. 

The Queen’s Treasure Victorian fainting couch sofa is one of my favorite pieces of furniture and goes excellent with the backdrop.  I first saw this at 2014 Toy Fair and it was still a prototype, but I immediately knew it would turn out wonderfully and as soon as it was available in the July sale, it became mine.  The beautiful Victorian details are exquisite, it is a very sturdy piece and will last a very long time.  The soft lime green velvet  cushions are permenantly attached and not removable.

A closer look at the detailed trim…

A close up of Mikaella’s face, I love the color of her eyes and her hair.

Here is a closer look at her beautiful light curls with her very long hair.  I find that the quality of the hair has improved a lot in the JG dolls. 

Mika decides to try out her Victorian fainting couch sofa and lays down to relax.

It was not long before Princess, the new dog came to play with her.  Now Princess has started training in how to bring items to her owner, so she brought Mika her purse.  Do you think Princess was trying to tell Mika something?

A seemed like a few minutes passed when Meredith arrived.  “Hi Mika” said Meredith, how are you liking your new home?  Oh it is beautiful and I love the fainting couch said Mika.  Well I came to invite you to a special event at the school said Meredith.  Really said Mika, I have not been to the new school, yet, I need to register next week.  Meredith told Mika about the text she just received, from Dabbie. Look at this text said Meredith, Dabbie says they are preparing for a 1950s event at the school and she wants us to come.

Mika gets up and is ready to join Meredith, she can not wait to meet new friends and see the 1950 event.  Note that Meredith and Mika are the same height because they are both from the 2014 new body mold.  I did not find either doll difficult to stand on their own, they are both well balanced and sturdy.

Princess did not want to be left behind so she rushed to Mika’s side.

A close up of  Mikaella and Meredith, showing the facial difference but both beautiful.

Mika had to explained to Princess, that she could not go, but she could stay and enjoy the fainting couch as long as she behaved.  So Princess relaxed in the fainting couch and waited for Mika to come home.

 Mika and Meredith head out to see Dabbie, next time we will see what Dabbie has to show us.

All the items in this story (except for the backdrop) are new for 2014, what do you think of them?

Fun Facts:
1.  Mikaela, Meredith, AG dog and fainting couch were all purchased at very reduced prices by checking out sales and being patience.  The new line of Journey Girl has really gotten my attention, so I have join the Toys R US rewards points which when used a the right time can pay off.
2. The Queen’s Treasure has introduced some wonderful items for 2014, of which I took advantage of the July sale and pre-order them.  The quality of her merchandise is unbeatable, and beautiful and when purchased on sale they are an excellent additional to any collection at a very reasonable price.
3. Princess the AG dog is only available at Costco as a gift set and includes bowls, mats, a color yourself dog house and a poseable dog  just like the ones at the AG store.  The gift set was $30 but a great deal as a set because individually at the AG store it would cost over $30. 
4. The backdrop from Carpatina was also on sale with free shipping, which by signing up to her newsletter you will be sent special emails on sales. There is a sale going on now.

Stay tuned for more…..