The Queen’s Treasures Victorian Collection Dresser Giveaway

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I absolutely LOVE the Victorian Collection from The Queen’s Treasures! The solid white, finished wood pieces with raised, detailed scroll work and jewel-like knobs are perfect for both historical character dolls as well as modern day dolls.  And guess what? I get to give one away to a lucky Doll Diaries reader!

The Queen's Treasures Victorian Dresser

Nellie is showing off the Victorian Dresser. It is truly an heirloom quality piece of furniture. It has two good sized drawers to hold your dolls’ clothes or accessories and plenty of top surface for keeping hair brushes, perfume bottles, knick knacks and the like.

The Queen's Treasures Victorian Dresser

With the morning sun pouring through the windows, Nellie goes to the dresser to get the fresh linens out.  Paired with the other items in the Victorian Collection (Trundle Daybed and Wardrobe) or as a stand alone piece, this dresser is just so perfect.


Victorian Collection Dresser for 18″ dolls from The Queen’s Treasures. (Valued at $49.99)


  • Mandatory entry – visit The Queen’s Treasures website and take a look around – leave a comment below letting us know what items from The Queen’s Treasures your doll might want to store in this dresser or on top of it.
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Disclosure: I have been given this set for review and photography purposes, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Annemarie Southern says:

    We would put Rebecca’s party outfit and the 1914 winter coat in the dresser. We would put the little bible on top.


  2. I would store the Winter Ski Time Outfit in it!

  3. This is very cute! I would store the Winter Time Ski outfit in it and put my dolls random little things on it :) I posted about this on my blog AND followed both Doll Diaries and The Queens Treasures on Pinterest!

  4. Omgosh I love this dresser! It is so hard to find good quality doll furniture other than AG items. Anyways, I would keep all my dolls’ accessories in the dresser like hair bows, necklaces, and socks for safe keeping!

    PS: love the site :)

  5. Well, if we were going LARGE, I’d set that beautiful Victorian bed NEXT to the dresser. But if we were going small, I’d lay that adorable Bible on it. Maybe add a small, pretty doily on top and then the Bible. Queens has beautiful things!

  6. We like the winter blue bitty dress and the the cupcakes and tea set. The dresser would be perfect for McKenna’s Clothes!

  7. I think the English rose fine china tea set would be nice in there. She could also put it on top for display!

  8. I liked doll diaries on facebook username: Ice Skate

  9. Pamela Fox says:

    Samantha would love to get a tea set to display on top of dresser… She would so LOVE to have this dress as her very own… Storing some of her socks n shoes in it. Thanks for a chance to win

  10. Pamela Fox says:

    Samantha would love to get a tea set to display on top of dresser… She would so LOVE to have this dress as her very own… Storing some of her socks n shoes in it. Thanks for a chance to win.

  11. Pamela Fox says:

    I shared on my Facebook, like both Facebook pages and pinned on my Pinterest. I am also following both on Pinterest!

  12. The dresser is really beautiful.

    My daughter would love the glitter bodysuit to use as a gymnastics leotard and the blue royal gown to dress her dolls up like Cinderella.

  13. I already follow both you and The Queen’s Treasures on Pinterest. I’ve pinned the dresser to my Pinboard.

  14. I would love to set up a tea set and cookies on the dresser (the Fairy Fantasy Fine China Tea Set and
    bakery Collection-3 pc Cupcakes for AG dolls) and put these sweet clothes sets inside:

    Winter ski time outfit
    Princess sports suit
    Bedtime nightgown set


  15. I follow Doll Diaries on Facebook!

  16. I follow Queen’s Treasures on Facebook!

  17. I follow Queen’s Treasures on Pinterest!

  18. I follow Doll Diaries on Pinterest!

  19. I love the style of this dresser! This collection is my absolute favorite. I would like the mini rose soup turreen to put on top of this dresser to hold my doll’s special treasures!

  20. I shared it to a group on my FB page!

  21. I would store the glitterbody suit along with all my other leotards I love all of the sites thing they are all soooooooooooo cute and so hard to choose

  22. WE would put the blue denim jacket in the dresser.

  23. I like Doll Diaries and Queen Treasures on facebook.

  24. I follow Doll Diaries and Queens Treasures on pinterest.

  25. Oh! I would put a vase with a flower there, a picture frame, and a brush!

  26. My mom likes dd on facebook

  27. Allie Hancock says:

    I would want to put the bible in it and the cute designer skirt. I LOVE them!

  28. I would store the doll’s undergarments and the PJs and the socks/leggings in the drawers. On top I would put a nice heirloom picture and some perfume bottles. This dresswer would look wonderful with the canopy bed that I just ordered from Target. Yes, Char Target finally posted availability of the white canopy bed online…Yeah! they also have a hot pink one, I have been after the white one for over a month now. Once I get it I will let you know how it compares with the one from Pottery Barn Kids. thanks

  29. Emily Jensen says:

    A mini holy bible in the top drawer, just like in the hotels. :)

  30. I love Queen’s Treasure items. We would put the Bible on top and would love Rebecca’s party dress n side! I like and follow both Queen’s Treasure and Doll Diaries on Facebook.

  31. melina ballerina says:

    We would put a bible and and jewelry holder on top! This is adorable. Also the ad on top was for St
    Louis Ballet’s Nutcracker which I am in!! That was cool!

  32. I would put the Teddy Bear sleeper and the ski time outfit in the dresser, and the bakery set of cupcakes on top so they can have a snack when they come inside from the December snow. 😉
    Thank you!

  33. Doll Lover 64514902 says:

    I would place my dolls diary on it and her brush.

  34. Reagan T. says:

    My doll would like to put the fairy fantasy fine china tea set and the deck of playing cards on top of it and put the pink and white skirt set, the winter ski time outfit, the purple jumper outfit, and the 1914 style winter coat inside it.I LOVE this dresser and The Queen’s Treasures website!

  35. I like doll diaries on facebook

  36. I would love this dresser for my doll. I would put the princess pink fine china tea set on top and I would store the Girls Rule! Soccer set, the glamour galore tutu, Julie’s pink power set, and the bear cub footy sleeper inside it.

  37. americangirlkit4 says:

    This dresser is so cute! I would put the Bakery Collection Party Cake and Mini Cupcakes on the Victorian Collection Dresser. I would put the Gala Party Ball Outfit in the dresser.

  38. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this dresser! There are so many things I could put in it. The Queen’s Treasure has some great stuff! I would put some clothes – maybe pajamas, socks and underwear inside – or maybe some jewelry. I absolutely would put the Garden Accessory items on top (the birdhouse maybe). I love the Garden Accessories and the Farmhouse Table and Chairs and just about everything from The Queen’s Treasure.

  39. Ahh! Why are my comments disappearing? :-(

  40. The rose porcelain cake stand – very classy!

  41. Now I do remeber what I picked from the Queens Treasures when I responded to this a few days ago – it was Rebecca’s Party outfit! The rose porcelain items would look pretty on top. I wish I knew why my original post disappeared.

  42. Leona Roberts says:

    My Doll needs the 1914 style winter coat and the sailor outfit xx

  43. Sorry this is late but my dolls would store all of their clothes and shoes inside and keep a mirror on top