One of the most popular play scenarios for girls and their dolls is playing school – it is fun to set up and can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be.  A school desk for dolls makes the perfect addition to play school and it is a great display piece too – especially the 1930’s style wooden desk for dolls from one of our favorite places, The Queen’s Treasures.

The Queens Treasures desk American Girl Nellie

Our retired American Girl Nellie politely let me know that she has not been a model for us lately and that she would love to try out the desk The Queen’s Treasures sent us to review.

The Queens Treasures desk for dolls

Once Nellie took her seat she did what every student likes to do on the first day of school – she opened her desk to see what was inside. The Queen’s Treasures 1930’s style desk comes with a pencil, apple, chalk board, Math book, History book, and English book when you order it, but they were out of the accessories when the desk was sent to us. No worries, though, we have plenty of doll sized school supplies floating around for Nellie to use.

The Queens Treasures school desk for dolls

Here is another view of how the top of the desk opens to reveal plenty of storage space for your doll’s books and even some snacks or her lunch.

The Queens Treasures School Desk for 18" Dolls

The entire desk is wooden – the seat and desk are a dark stained wood and the base is also wood painted silver. It is a very sturdy piece that will hold up to years of playing school but is also the perfect prop for an American Girl doll display. And even though it is a 1930’s style, Molly and Emily are not the only dolls who can use it – it is such a classic style that all the dolls look like they are studying hard when they are sitting at the desk.

The Queens Treasures School Desk for 18" Dolls

Nellie gives the desk from The Queen’s Treasures her approval and it much happier now that she has had some time in front of the camera, too!