The Queen’s Treasures on Zulily

In case you haven’t heard, The Queen’s Treasures (one of our FAVORITE shops for doll furniture and accessories) will be on Zulily tomorrow (March 27, 2013). 

I have no idea what items will be featured and at what prices, but typically Zulily prices are 40% off or even more. The sale starts at 6 am PST or 9 am EDT and I suspect quite a few items will go quickly!

If you have not used Zulily before, you need to sign up for a Zulily account then each day new deals are featured. If you invite friends, you do earn Zulily credit, too.

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  1. WOW! That’s cool. I love Queen’s Treasures

  2. Juliet XD says:

    neat, but i dont really buy stuff for my dolls ( i make or trade with friends for them) , that and the fact that i have no $$$. but thanks for letting us know!

  3. Juliet XD says:

    like my walrus? ——————————————————————————————->

  4. Hmm, I considered getting a zulily account before, but I never have… My birthday is coming up soon anyhow, so I shouldn’t be a bunch stuff. :-)

  5. Woonps! I meant I shouldn’t be buying a bunch of stuff right now. 😉

  6. Juliet: I love your walrus! Does it have a name?

  7. I LOVE The Queens Treasures! I just made a blog. Please visit it!

  8. Queens treasures has some of the most beautiful doll furniture ever!

  9. Wow! I need to make a zuiliy account!

  10. And Juliet, I <3 your walrusxD

  11. I like Juliet’s walrus.

  12. Juliet, that is an epicsauce walrus.
    He and my Mr. Krabs Having a Spaz Attack avatar can be good friends. 😉

  13. By the way, my next Avatar of the Month will come out in a few days. Mr. Krabs will be saying bye bye soon. 😉

  14. Venus and Juliet- Ahem! I belive you are forgetting Space Sloth here. O_o ×_×

  15. Venus- Bawwwwww! I’ll miss Mr. Krabs!
    Also, you do an avatar of the month? Great idea! I never noticed it was monthly. I just thought you changed it once in a while. :}

  16. And Juliet, amesome walrus! XD

  17. @Fiona Ermahgerd, a wild Space Sloth appeared!

    I’m wearing a diaper and I’m ready to go, put on my diaper and I’m ready to go, KABLAMO, KAKAKAKABLAMO! XD

    A.N.T. Farm fans, anyone? ;D

  18. Amanda E. says:

    Venus- I love Ant farm!

  19. My saige just got a new petfrom six flags! She is a handicap elephant named ellie!!!!(she is handicap because when i got home i realized someone cut a hole in her leg in the store (meanies!!!!) and I couldnt and wouldnt return her to six flags so even though she was missing a few beans in her leg i sewed up her leg and now her right hind leg is a little skinnier and barely shorter than her left hind leg. You cant really tell the difference but even though everyone said he looked fine he (why do i keep writing he???!!!) still will remain handicap to me because it makes him sound more exciting and cute!!)

  20. The queens treasures always have nice,good quality!!!

  21. I just went on to Zulily and Queen’s Treasures is not there. Could they be sold out already at 8:30 am? NNNoooo!

  22. Oops! I guess they don’t make the day’s sales go live till 9:00am. I picked up 2 fishing sets, one for me and one for my daughter! My b’day is Sat. and Molly McIntire might be wrapped up. Can’t wait for us to have out door adventures. Is it crazy that I’m turning 45 and I can’t wait to get a doll for a present? Hee hee!

  23. Happysuz – that is not crazy at all! I turn 45 this year and don’t be surprised if there is a doll on my wish list, too.

  24. I’m gonna be like Char and Happysuz when I get older!
    I will never leave the Doll Castle! In fact, we’re gonna end up turning it into a Doll Retirement Home in about 30 years or so. ;D

    But, where am I going to keep my 100 cats when I reach up to my 90th birthday? :/

  25. cordelia says:

    Happysuz and Char, I totally agree. When I was a little girl, I would ask for and receive a doll for Christmas which produced much excited anticipation and then much joy on Christmas morning. This year, when I received Rose (McKenna), I felt all that excitement and joy again–and I am definitely an “on the older side” adult!
    Venus, sign me up for that Doll Retirement Home.

  26. i should look at zulilly more often

  27. :)