I am so excited to get to review the Little House on the Prairie Dishware Set from The Queen’s Treasures!  The Little House books have been a long time favorite in my family for generations.  The beloved TV series has become one of our cherished snuggle times.  It’s wonderful to be able to discuss Little House with my daughters, both of whom have read the series and are addicts to the show.   We have also spent time reading the biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  She is truly an inspiring treasure in American literature.

LHOTP dishware box

The first thing that caught my eye on The Queen’s Treasure Little House on the Prairie Dishware Set was the packaging.  It is well packaged in a brown gingham box marked “Oleson’s Merchantile – First on the Frontier.”  I LOVE THAT!!

LHOTP dishware plates

Porcelain and ceramic dinnerware were too fragile and expensive for journey in a wagon, so tin dishes were the choice to use.  The Queen’s Treasure’s plates are wood with a silver paint that gives them a very realistic look of tin.  They measure 3 inches in diameter.  They are safely packed away in a wood crate, secure for a wagon ride!

LHOTP coffee and milk

The coffee pot and cups are also of wood with silver paint for the look of tin.  These pieces are so cute!  The pot and two of the four cups have coffee in them and the other two cups have milk.  The coffee pot is 3-1/2 inches high and 2-1/2 inches wide with handle.  The cups are 1-1/4 inches high and 1-1/2 inches wide with handle.  And of course you need a bag of coffee beans to make that coffee.  The included sack of coffee is marked “Little House on the Prairie, Pa’s Blend, Whole Bean.”  Love these details!

LHOTP wagon with dishes

Here is a picture of dishware taken from page 30 of the book, “The World of Little House,” by Collins and Eriksson.  The Queen’s Treasure dishware set is an excellent match!  I would love to see a little coffee grinder made in the future; similar to what is pictured!

Little house on the prairie food

My daughters requested LHOTP food!  I have to admit my daughters and I are dedicated fans of LHOTP…we have even read the LHOTP cookbook.  Since we can be picky with details I knew I had to go to Karalee of Dolly’s Dining Room to create pioneer food to go along with The Queen’s Treasure Little House on the Prairie Dishware Set.  Karalee did not disappoint!  Her attention to detail is remarkable!  She created two different shaped cornbread pieces, one triangular and another square.  She also made her pioneer “Calico Beans with Salt Pork.”  I look forward to seeing more items appear on her Pioneer Line of food.  I think she can replicate almost any historical food you wanted.  Contact Karalee for a request at her website:!home/mainPage.

The Queen’s Treasure also makes a set of Colonial utensils, which is beautiful.    However, I chose to pair their dishware with a very basic simple matte fork from American Girl.  Stay tuned, you will see TQT silverware set in a future post.

The queen's treasures Little house dishware set

Overall, I highly recommend The Queen’s Treasures Little House on the Prairie Dishware Set.  It is well made and realistic to the 1870s-80s.  I have been a long time crafter of LHOTP items; if I had known TQT was coming out with this line I don’t think I would have spent all that time crafting!  These accessories are too good to pass up for any LHOTP fan.  I look forward to seeing additional accessories come into production for this line.

Enjoy!   brandy-sig