Only Hearts Club DollsWinner of the 2007 OPPENHEIM Toy Portfolio Best Toy Platinum Award, The Only Hearts Club Dolls are a new favorite in our house!! The Only Hearts Club features six unique dolls that look and dress like real girls. They are slightly smaller than a Barbie and have soft, fully-poseable bodies, and beautiful faces.

Each Only Hearts Girl has a unique personality and a series of books that promote listening to one’s heart to do the right thing. When we first got the dolls, my almost 6 year old daughter fell immediately in love with Olivia Hope and Her Dog Sniff – the auburn haired doll who looks just like her real-life best friend. In addition to the stories, the dolls have a complete line of fashions – that Moms will approve of for sure, accessories, pets and we saw the couch and Club House at Target today.

My daughter has had a great time playing with Olivia Hope, Taylor Angelique and their pets. Since she has their Sleeping Bags, the dolls have been taken to bed with her every night since she got them.

Today when we were at Target she saw The Only Hearts display and could not make a decision as to what she wanted next. She really wanted Hannah Faith and her Kitten but they were out. Finally she settled on the Fairy version of Taylor, called Princess Taylor Angelique Fairy with Baby Unicorn Mystique, but put the Club House and the Tote Bag set on her Christmas list.

Dancing DilemmaWhile my 9 year old is not really into playing with any other dolls other than her American Girls, she did read Only Hearts Club Book – Dancing Dilemma to her sister the other night in bed. While we were at Target, she kept campaigning for her younger sister to get a few more of the books and she was content standing there reading one while her sister decided what doll she wanted.

The Only Hearts Club dolls are such a nice alternative to Bratz and similar lines. At about $15 per doll, they are affordable yet still high quality. They rank right at the top of my list as a Mom, right next to American Girl Dolls.