It is such a beautiful day, sunny yet cool with a light breeze, it reminds me of Europe…France, Italy, London all which have lovely outside Cafés.

The International Café

The International Café is famous for it’s pumpkin pies and sandwich wraps. Maxine loves to go have lunch and catch up with what is going on in

As Maxine walks to the International Café with her dog Susie, she sees Frances coming out of the Café. She is waving to Maxine.

As Maxine finds a table, Frances comes closer. Hi said Frances, How are you doing and what brings you across town? Oh Frances, how can I resist not coming to the International Café and enjoying their wonderful pumpkin pie! I see you have been shopping. Yes said Frances, I had to come get their fresh Italian bread, we are having spaghetti for dinner.

Maxine sits down as the waitress comes over to take your order. What will you be having today, she said. How about a piece of your famous pumpkin pie, replies Maxine. Susie settles down near Maxine, in hopes of getting some scraps.

Maxine enjoys her pie, oh this is delicious she says to Susie. Now lets see what Char has posted on

Wow, more crafts and a new post from the lady name Diana, I love her posts!…;-)

Fun Facts:

  • A mixture of items from my collection
  • Backdrop is AG and Mother Nature